Trinidad native Franklin Shew, who served previously on the city council from 2010 to 2014, is seeking election again to that governing body.

Today we’re sitting down with City Council Candidate, Franklin Shew. Shew has served on city council before during the years of Jan. 5, 2010 to Jan. 7, 2014.

Shew along with others in his family are life-long area residents.

If elected, Shew promises to listen to what people of the town want and try to bring in more residents and businesses.

Here is the rest of our interview with candidate Franklin Shew:

The Chronicle-News: How long have you lived in Trinidad?

Franklin Shew: “I lived a year or two in Denver but most of my life I’ve lived here in Trinidad. I raised my family here; it’s a good community.”

TCN: Why have you decided to run for office?

Shew: “I was in office before and I decided I’d like to run again. I’d like to do whatever I can to make Trinidad a better community and try to get back involved again with doing something for the town and of course the people, that’s what we’re here to represent is them.”

TCN: What are some of the challenges you see our town facing and how will you address them?

Shew: “There are always challenges for any city and Trinidad’s no exception. Some of the bigger challenges are to get more people to come here to live and open more businesses besides what we have. We’ve had the oil business. We have the mine maybe getting started back. I think the biggest thing is to keep our community safe and sound and make it a better community and a good facility that people want to come here and live. It’s something that’s a tough situation. I know past councils have dealt with this and the only way to get past this is to keep working harder and harder to make it a better community. There’s no real quick answers or anything that’s just going to come out of the sky. We have to work together as a council and with the county and try to get things where we want them and represent the people. That’s the most important thing.”

TCN: How will you work to maintain a positive relationship between the city and county?

Shew: “It’s a difficult situation. The county has their own issues and the city has their own. I think there’s some median where we can all get together and help each other and we should because we’re all part of the same community.”

TCN: Why should the public vote for you?

Shew: “Well, I think people should vote for who they want, not particularly me. I will represent the people. I have no personal agendas or anything I personally want to gain, I just want to help the community I’ve lived in and supported and raised my family. I have four kids and we all grew up here. Most of them work here. I’d just like to see the community grow and be a better place, and if people vote for me I assure you that’s what I will represent.”

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