During a review of approval of a liquor license for Trinidad Smokehouse, LLC, left to right owners Brian Main and Teddy Wilson answer questions presented by City Attorney Les Downs. Councilmembers Joe Benato and Rusty Goodall, foreground, listen and later express their approval of the license.

During the regular Trinidad City Council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 17, councilmembers had a short agenda with only a few major items for approval and discussion.

Among those items was a consideration of a liquor license being granted to Trinidad Smokehouse, LLC at 225 W Main, owned by Teddy Wilson and Brian Main.

City Attorney Les Downs led a quasi-judicial review of the submitted paperwork that included all required submittals and financial statements.

Downs inquired as to what the location would be used for.

“It’s an upgrade of what we’re doing now,” said Main. “We’re going to add in more high-end products like steak and seafood and at some point we’ll start utilizing the upstairs for a bed and breakfast.”

When asked when they plan to open, Wilson and Main stated they were hoping for the first of the year, but because of some delays are hoping to open their doors by the end of February.

Wilson and Main said they are familiar with Trinidad liquor laws and both circulated a petition for citizen signatures in support of obtaining a liquor license and turned in 60 signatures.

“We had quite a bit of people that were sad they couldn’t sign the petition,” said Main expressing that people were excited to see the business eventually open.

The owners expressed they would be adding more employees to their staff to support the new location.

“We’re hoping to have about 10 employees at this new location,” said Main.

Main also stated they plan to close the other location once the Main Street location is up and running. “Just so we’re not spread thin,” said Main.

With no one to speak for or against their application, the hearing was closed and the business was unanimously approved.

Safety policy

Also discussed at the council meeting was the city’s safety policy, at which time Martin Waln gave further explanation of the details within the policy.

“Everyone’s on board for bettering the safety culture and getting the policies in effect on what job tasks they do out in the field,” said Waln.

Councilmembers were curious if this new policy would save the city money through insurance reductions.

“When you look at it in the big picture, it’s going to take time to see a difference as far as saving money, but it will hit that mark eventually,” said Waln.

Waln expressed that they would be taking time and great effort to ensure everyone in the city staff understood and followed the policy.

“Employees will be trained on all safety policies and procedures,” said Waln. “This will be a full team effort from department head all the way down to the front line employee.”

With questions from the council being satisfied, the safety policy was unanimously approved.

Historic Preservation Commission appointees

Next was a consideration of appointments of Christopher Smith and Shannon Rogan to the Historic Preservation Commission. Councilmember Michelle Miles questioned Smith, who works with Dana Crawford and the Downtown Development Group on the Fox West Theater. She was concerned that there may be economic interest with his involvement with the theater.

“Would you plan to recuse yourself on granting historic preservation credits on the Fox Theater deals,” Miles asked.

Chris Smith responded that he would absolutely recuse himself from those deals so as to remove the potential for bias. He also added he is excited to be able to help preserve what he considers to be a historic gem.

“This is one of the most historic towns I’ve been to in America and I’d be honored to help preserve it,” Smith said.

Rogan, who is also a local realtor in Trinidad, agreed with Smith’s comments.

“I’ve lived here for several years and it’s exciting to see our city continue to grow,” said Rogan. “It will be nice to help preserve the things that make Trinidad so special.”

During the councilmember’s reports, outgoing councilmembers Michelle Miles, Carlos Lopez, and Joe Benato stated they were honored to serve alongside the others and were pleased with the team that they had become. Mayor Phil Rico, Karen Griego, Anthony Mattie, and Rusty Goodall, who will remain on council, stated they also were pleased with what they’ve been able to achieve with the collaborative spirit the board has come to uphold and hopes for such teamwork to continue into the future.

Outgoing city council members extend best wishes to incoming newly elected officials

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