Governor Polis

In addition to giving testimony, Governor Polis made time in his busy schedule to briefly meet with two of the County Commissioners to discuss issues important to the Citizens of Las Animas County. In the picture above, from left to right, are Commissioner Luis Lopez II, Governor Polis and Commissioner Tony Hass. Commissioner Felix Lopez was attending a separate meeting when this picture was taken.

Recently, Las Animas County Commissioners and City of Trinidad representatives traveled to the State Capital to the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee to give testimony in seeking funding support for the Fishers Peak state park. Representing Trinidad was Mayor Phil Rico, Councilmember Rusty Goodall, and Interim City Manager Mike Valentine.

Mayor Phil Rico stated in the most recent Trinidad City Council meeting that having the city and the county represent this area together was something to be proud of. He also explained what funds would be used for should the motion pass.

“Ten million dollars is going to be split up as $6 million for other state parks for maintenance, $4 million of those dollars will be directed towards infrastructure at Fishers Peak,” said Rico. “It passed through the finance committee, five to two. Now it will go on to the appropriations bill which might be done Tuesday and then after that I’m not sure if it will go to senate or back to House.”

Rico also said there were several questions that came up that he was able to provide additional information to support the act.

“One of the questions that came up was how Fishers Peak would impact Trinidad,” said Rico. “On the low end they’re talking about 50,000 tourists to the tune of about $3.8 million that would impact the local economy here.”

The Chronicle-News will continue to follow this issue through the senate and house and provide updates as they become available.

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