Lianna Garcia

Lianna Garcia, 15, was diagnosed with epilepsy after her first seizure when she was six. She will be undergoing her fourth brain surgery soon with three more to follow.

Lianna Garcia, 15, was diagnosed with epilepsy after having her first seizure when she was just six years old. Now, doctors have said with another round of brain surgeries, she may have the opportunity to live seizure free. Commercial Street Salon has arranged to host a fundraiser for Sunday, Feb. 23 to help with medical costs, transportation, and other needs that may come up while undergoing her treatments as well as recovery.

“After the testing was completed, we received a call with the great news that she is once again a candidate for the brain surgeries,” said her mother, Cordie Garcia. “She will be having her fourth brain surgery two days after her 16th birthday. There is a great chance, with the next three surgeries, that the seizures may stop forever.”

On the GoFundMe page set up by her parents, Cordie and Randy Garcia, they explain the procedures that will be taken to hopefully cure their daughters’ seizures.

“This surgery will consist of drilling ten to twenty burr holes in her head,” said Cordie Garcia. “Probes will then be inserted, screwed and bolted into her skull. She will then be taken off her medications. For seven days she will be allowed to seize, so that the final data can be obtained. The second surgery will be done seven days later to remove the probes and suture the burr holes together. The third and hopefully final surgery will be done four weeks later. This will consist of the removal of her skullcap and the cutting and removal of the section of the brain where the seizures are stemming from.”

In 2017, Lianna underwent her first three brain surgeries with the potential of stopping the seizures. Following this, her parents said she was seizure free for a year before they returned “with a vengeance.”

While this seems like quite a lot for a 15-year-old to go through, her parents said she was more than willing to move forward with the fourth surgery.

“Honestly, us as parents weren’t sure if we wanted her to endure these painful surgeries,” said Cordie Garcia. “However, Lianna in her own words said if she had the chance to live life without seizures, she wanted that chance, again. So here we are facing them with her. Through God and with your prayers and support, we will get through this, once again.”

The GoFundMe link for Lianna Garcia can be found on Commercial Street Salon’s Facebook page. The salon has planned to donate all proceeds from walk-ins for the day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to the Garcia family. For more information, call Commercial Street Salon at 719-846-6610.

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