On Friday, Oct. 18 it was reported that a Denver-based marijuana cultivator was recalling marijuana products because of increased counts of mold and yeast.

Bonsai Cultivation, one of the largest weed producers in Colorado, issued a voluntary recall of products that are sold in 144 retail shops in Colorado. The recall comes after the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) found potentially unsafe levels of mold and yeast in dried marijuana samples. The tested samples included flower, shake, trim and pre-rolls, according to the DDPHE news release.

Any marijuana product with the OPC code 403R-00228, purchased prior to October 14, is being recalled.

The recall affects 144 retail stores throughout Colorado, three cultivation facilities and 11 manufacturing facilities, according to the DDPHE.

Any consumers who or businesses that bought the recalled products should dispose of them immediately or return them to the shop of purchase.

In the press release, the DDPHE warns about the effects of using marijuana products that contain high levels of mold or yeast.

“Short- and long-term health impacts resulting from inhalation exposure to mold/yeast may exist depending on the specific product, duration, frequency, and level of exposure. Consumers with concerns about their personal health should contact their physician with related questions. Any consumers who experienced symptoms of illness after smoking, vaping or other consumption method of plant material purchased from Bonsai Cultivation are also urged to contact DDPHE at phicomments@denvergov.org.”

Following the announcement of the recall, a list was released naming all the retail locations where plant material was distributed by Bonsai Cultivation since April 30, 2019. Local dispensaries on that list include: Freedom Road at 514 W. Main St. in Trinidad, Livwell at 124 Santa Fe Trail in Trinidad and Rocky Mountain Cannabis at 614 Arizona Ave. in Trinidad.

Denver-based grower reports high mold counts

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