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The brothers behind TGS Global the parent company for Rocky Mountain Tillage during their public hearing for a new marijuana cultivation facility on El Moro Road. Pictured (L-R) are TGS Global Co-President Kyle Speidell, Chief Information Officer Eric Speidell and Co-President Nick Speidell.

Trinidad City Council approved licensing for a new retail marijuana cultivation facility for Rocky Mountain Tillage LLC at 36900 El Moro Road following a public hearing on Tuesday, August 6.

The company Rocky Mountain Tillage is one of three marijuana related subsidiaries of TGS Global, a management company operated by the Speidell brothers. Rocky Mountain Tillage is the cultivation company, while The Green Solution operates the retail side and the manufacturing company is called Infusions LLC. Currently, following the latest approval, the family and their companies hold five cultivation licenses and two retail licenses in Trinidad.

On August 6, three of the Speidell brothers testified in front of city council: TGS Global Co-Presidents Kyle and Nick Speidell and Chief Information Officer Eric Speidell.

Eric Speidel explained that the brothers had been operating their businesses in Trinidad for three years and this most recent licensed facility will primarily be used to dry and process marijuana that will be taken off licensed grow facilities they already own to the south of the 36900 El Moro Road location.

“This particular facility, even though it is a cultivation license, will be primarily used to process and dry all of our properties to the south,” said Eric Speidell. “The last time we were (in front of City Council) we applied for independent cultivation licenses on Republic Road and we developed each one of those lots into their own independent cultivation facility. Each one of those has a green house on it that grows currently 6,000 plants per season. Right now, we have 24,000 total plants outdoors.”

Eric Speidell said the new facility will employ 5-10 people year-round and there are currently about 20-25 people working year-round on the other fields and tending the greenhouses.  

Said Eric Speidell, “One of the challenges in the last few years of operating (the grow) facility was the amount of biomass that is created in the fields. It cannot be dried within the green houses without risking loss, because of the October 15 freeze. Last year was one of the earliest freezes in history — it was actually Oct. 13. Fortunately we got all of our plants out, but had our harvest been the size that it is today, we would have lost half of the field. So, we took measures to purchase the land to the north of us and will actually be transporting the field crops up to that facility, secure it within that enclosed space and dry it there. Then, package it securely and safely for distribution throughout the state.”

Eric Speidell continued explaining that when the facility wasn’t being used for drying and processing they would grow and clone mother plants for later planting in their other fields. The remainder of the year the facility would be used to train employees and for on-going production. The company said it doesn’t expect to exceed 250 gallons of water use a day.   

In total the company holds 66 licenses related to marijuana in Colorado. Thirty-three of those licenses are from the state and the other 33 are city licenses. The majority of the licenses are for retail spaces.  

The business is targeting Oct. 1 for activity to begin at the new facility.

Eric Speidell said his company is planning to bring “hundreds” of jobs to Trinidad in the coming years.  

“This is a pretty unique property with the support structure it facilitates for the southern grow,” said Eric Speidell. “We have, at this point, employed over 25 people from the City of Trinidad, just on our cultivation side. I believe it’s in excess of 20 more on the retail side. We picked Trinidad early on as a city we wanted to be continuing a long-term development project with. We chose here for a couple of reasons: One is that we got to know the city very, very, well and we feel that we see eye-to-eye on the initiatives of what we’re trying to do with our business and the goals of the city and the growth of it.

“Additionally, we felt it was a huge opportunity for both sides of the spectrum to advance the development of where Trinidad is today. We plan to grow this facility for many years to come. We currently have four licenses that we are growing on currently, but we are actually embarking on a ‘master subdivision process’ for this entire parcel of land where we will be adding an additional nine license to this stretch of land. Our goal is to develop all 140 acres of it. So, we are looking forward to continuing this endeavor with the council and planning commission.”

Company has plans to develop nine marijuana cultivation licenses over 140-acre tract of ground in City of  Trinidad

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