It was a game they couldn’t afford to lose, but lose they did.  The Farmers fell to the Holly Wildcats 28-46 last Friday evening on the road.  It was not pretty, and the coach was not happy.  This season seems to be a bifurcation for the boys in blue.  Their two conference victories were won by a landslide, and two opening season losses by highly ranked teams were, also, big losses.  At Holly, they slid to the right, losing by 18.

“They didn’t play with much desire,” mused Hoehne Coach Gabe Dasko.  “We seem to be waiting for somebody else to make the play.  Our kids have to learn to play hard every down.  They can’t decide to slack of on a play and expect to win.  In the second half we played with a lot of fire and did some good things, but we have a long way to go.  We have to learn to be consistent.  We shoot ourselves in foot at the most inopportune times.  We were on the one yard line and fumble.  We don’t get off the field on third down.  We had a fourth and five from ten yard line and give up the ball.  We don’t get in position.  We’ve got to put forth a collective effort.”  

Hoehne fell to 2-4 on the season, two losses to conference teams.  The Farmer playoff picture is clouded and looking more dismal as the season progresses.

“We came out too soft in the first half,” said junior lineman Antonio Moltrer.  “There was no urgency on our part on the field.  We played better second half.  We played a lot better than just play.  We were not getting a pass rush and we, weren’t maintaining our blocks.  Now we have to win our last three.  We just have to play and have fun doing it.  It seems like sometimes were not enjoying the game and everybody gets down.  We’ll work hard to win the last three and hope we can earn a playoff spot.”  

Game statistics were not available due to a faulty camera.  For the Hoehne Farmers, statistics are irrelevant when they are losing.

“Now we have to play out, and, hopefully, win last three games,” concluded Dasko, “and wait and see what happens.  We had to take care of our opportunities and we didn’t do that. We’ve had a lot of good years, but this kind of thing happens.”  

Hoehne       8      0    1      6 - 28

Holly           8    20    6    12 - 46

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