In this season’s action on Saturday, Oct. 26 Farmers Antonio Moltrer (No. 51) and Franchesco Rivera (No. 88) block Wiley Panthers Aiden Michael (No. 11) and Connor Wollert (No. 7) as Weston Hill (No. 2) throws a pass downfield. The Hoehne Farmers bulldozed Wiley at Jasper Butero Field to the tune of 62-0.

The Jekyll and Hyde Famers dominated the McClave Cardinals on the road last Saturday afternoon 54-14, initiating a running clock in the second period. Hoehne dominated, but, once again, it was just not enough. For the first time in years, they were ousted from the playoffs, much to the dismay of their numerous Hoehne fans, players, and, yes, the coaches.

“We threw the ball well and our younger kids really played good,” said Coach Gabe Dasko of his talented bench. “Dario Vezzani, one of our freshman, really played well. We have a chance to be decent next year if our kids work hard on the off-season. They have to put some work in. You get what you put into this game. If you don’t put anything in you, don’t get anything out of it. They finished the season strong. It’s something to build on, but you don’t build it if you don’t put the work in. We’re hoping to do better next season. Our kids have to put some time into the program so they can be reliable. We just have to be reliable. But for now, they need a break. I’m sure the kids need a break from me too, but we’re all looking forward to next season. We’re losing some good seniors (Shane Montoya, Jeremiah Montoya, Franchesco Rivera). They’ve been great all season. I want to thank them all for playing for me.”

The Farmers, with 19 underclassmen (nine freshman, two sophomores, eight juniors) on the roster for next year, were led by the outstanding performance of Vezzani who ran for a lengthy touchdown early in the game, rushed 14 yards for another, and snared an interception for a 74 yard score.

Vezzani, who is representative of a good crop of younger players coming back, is appreciative of what they accomplished this season and looking forward to next year. “I’m disappointed with how we did this year, but now we just have to work hard and do better next season,” Vezzani explained. “We played well all around against McClave. It’s just too bad it wasn’t good enough to make the playoffs. The game against Holly knocked us down, but other than that, it was a good season. We have to work hard in the weight room next year. All our younger guys have to work on their strength. The only way to do that is to get in the weight room this summer. I hope we can all work on that and get ready for next season.”

The ‘boys in red’ finished 5-4, just inches away from extending the season. They’re hoping that next year will prove to rejuvenate all their hopes and aspirations for a better record. Retuning junior, Antonio Moltrer, another of the youngsters demonstrating outstanding talent in his three years at Hoehne as a defensive and offensive lineman, was optimistic about the future for his up-and-coming cohorts. “We have some young kids who are coming up and they all got some experience playing this year,” mused Moltrer. “It was a good learning year for us. Our expectations are going to be higher. We have to work hard in the offseason and get ready for next fall. It’s been a fun year even though we didn’t make the playoffs. I think we learned a lot and that’s all that matters for this coming year.

Hoehne    22    18    6    8 – 54

McClave     0      0    8    6 – 14

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