Some areas in southeast Colorado experienced freezing temperatures Monday, with a chance for those temperatures to continue this week. Some parts of Colorado have already experienced their first freeze of the season. However, other areas will likely have to wait at least one month before a hard freeze occurs.

There is a 90 percent probability that Trinidad’s first hard freeze this year will occur before Nov. 1. There is also a 90 percent probability that Trinidad will have more than 153 hard freeze-free days this year according to the National Weather Service. There is a 50 percent chance that first hard freeze will occur before Oct. 17.

Many mountain locations usually have their first freeze in September. The first freeze generally arrives in October for Interstate 25 corridor locations like Denver and Colorado Springs.

The date of the first freeze varies from year to year.

Fall freeze & frost occurrence data for Trinidad

Fall dates            

Probablility level*:        10%        50%        90%        


    Temp    36 (F)        Sept. 16     Sept. 20     Sept. 26

                32 (F)        Sept. 28     Oct. 3         Oct.14

                28 (F)        Oct. 10     Oct. 17     Nov. 1

Freeze free period (days)

Probablility level**:        10%        50%        90%        


    Temp         36 (F)        152        131         110

                     32 (F)        171         147        124

                     28 (F)        189         171        153

* Probability of earlier date in fall (beginning Aug. 1) than indicated.

** Probability of longer than indicated freeze free period.

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