On September 18 the Hoehne Future Farmer’s of America (FFA) chapter went to Branson for the regional range, which consisted of two ecological site evaluations and a plant identification test.

During the ecological site evaluation, contestants create a list of plants species in a measured area and determine the importance of each species. They also determine the palatability rating, the plant community composition, the basil cover, the litter cover, the percentage of bare ground, the suggested stock rate, and the rangeland trends. Finally, they made recommendations for rangeland improvement. On the plant identification test, beginning competitions must identify 20 plants while advanced competitors identify 30 plants.

Competing as beginners were Rylee Montoya, Jason Malespini, Alexander Mattorano, Nevaeh Martinez, Camren Howell, Dylan Jones, and Sonny Raine. Advanced competitors were Bob Walter, Brandt Walton, Miaya Roybal, Dario Orrozco, Josh Smith, Grady Carroll, Weston Hill, Shane Montoya, Jeremiah Montoya, and Josh Waller.    

In the final results, the Hoehne FFA Chapter did well at the regional competition. In the beginners Camren Howell and Dylan Jones received silver while Nevaeh Martinez, Rylee Montoya, Sonny Raine, Alex Mattorano, and Jason Malespini received gold. The beginner team was first in the district and second in the Region.

Among the advanced individuals, Weston Hill, Grady Carroll, and Maiya Roybal received a bronze. Bob Walter and Shane Montoya received a silver, and Antonio Moltrer, Jeremiah Montoya, Brandt Walton and Josh Waller received a gold. The high individual for the entire contest was Josh Waller. The advanced team was first in the District and first in the Region.

The four top individuals from both teams will compete at state in Burlington on October 2.

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