On Wednesday, December 5, 24 members of the Hoehne FFA chapter went to the Rocky Ford High School for the District Leadership Conference.

When the members got there they were greeted by the District FFA Officers who directed the conference.

One of those officers was Jeremiah Montoya the District Reporter. Montoya is also the Hoehne FFA Chapter President. He helped run workshops, games and other activities. Guest speaker for the event was Colorado Senator Larry Crowder for District 35. Crowder talked about how agriculture helps everything and how culture is important to life.

While the members were there they got to participate in workshops consisting of many different things, such as drawing a t-shirt that represented your life, ice breaker games, and games that helped build teamwork skills.

The purpose of the workshops is for members to learn new skills and make new friends. All of the members had a great time meeting new people and making memories.

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