Avery Navarette

Coach Barry stated Avery Navarette holds the record for ace serves at Hoehne at a solid 228 for her high school career.

This past weekend, Hoehne senior Avery Navarette, daughter of Las Animas County Sheriff Derek Navarette, traveled to Broomfield to play in the 2019 Colorado Coaches of Girls’ Sports (CCGS) All-State Volleyball Games.

Chosen by other coaches, Navarette received the honorable invite because of other coaches in the 2A league from other schools noticing her ability as a player said Hoehne volleyball Coach Tyrell Barry.

“All the coaches get together and we can’t vote on our own kids so all the coaches vote on other team’s kids,” said Barry. “We’ve played teams from all across the state so coaches already knew who she was. We get quite a bit of exposure traveling around so other coaches got to watch her play and were really impressed with her.”

Barry said Navarette has been under his training for four years and expressed how hard of a worker and dedicated player she is.

“She is one of the most athletic kids I’ve had,” said Barry. “She’s one of those kids that you know is going to get the job done. She serves really well and she currently holds the record of the most aces of any player at Hoehne of all time. Also one of the best passers we’ve ever had.”

Barry explained that an ace in volleyball is when the server serves the ball and the other team doesn’t have a chance to hit the ball back over resulting in the point for the serving team.

Avery Navarette said she was caught off guard by the honor but is excited for a chance to play with other great players.

“I was surprised to be chosen,” said Navarette. “It’s a really great honor. I don’t know any of the people I’ll be playing with but it’ll be fun. We’ll practice on Saturday then a banquet that night and the game is on Sunday. We’ll be playing against other players from the 2A league. I’m really looking forward to playing with other people I’ve never played with before.”

Navarette is a humble, natural athlete her coach said but Navarette didn’t always have her eyes set on volleyball.

“Actually I liked basketball when I was younger,” said Navarette, “and volleyball was just on the side but over the years I started liking it more. I like that it’s a team effort and the game is just fun to me.”

Much of her success as an athlete Navarette attributes to her coach. Barry began coaching volleyball at Hoehne her freshman year.

“He started me as a freshman during the first varsity game,” Navarette said. “I thought I was going to play on the junior varsity team and he told me not to suit up and I was like, why? So I thought I wasn’t going to play at all but the first varsity game he put me as a starter and he believed in me.”

Barry also spoke highly of Navarette, stating that she’s been a very valuable player her whole high school career.

“She’s been kind of a staple the last four years,” said Barry, “and I’m definitely going to miss having her.”

At the weekend’s game, of three games Navarette’s team put in a great effort, losing the first two and swooping in to win the third Coach Barry said.

Navarette’s team put in tremendous effort at Sunday’s tournament, ends night with two losses and a victory

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