Recently, American Marijuana, an online cannabis information and research resource, posted their results regarding travel experiences for recreational marijuana and found Colorado coming in as the top state in the United States for people to travel to in order to partake in the plant still listed as a controlled substance federally and in numerous other states. Trinidad, sitting on the border of Colorado and surrounded by several states still on that list, has been a big destination for tourists driving into the ‘green’ state.

To compile their report, American Marijuana surveyed over 1,000 people who traveled to purchase recreational cannabis to uncover which states were the most popular cannabis destinations. Of those individuals, 52.2 percent voted Colorado as the top destination, with California coming in second with 33.1 percent. The survey also showed the average individual visiting Colorado for cannabis more than twice a year.

The report released by American Marijuana also stated, “while most people intended to spend an average of $208.08 at dispensaries, they actually ended up spending an average of $264.74.”

Edibles were found to be the product of choice purchased by tourists visiting cannabis legal states with flower being the second choice based on the survey. Trinidad recreational dispensary Faragosi Farms Manager Jerrica Lamden stated that, in their experience, most tourists coming through their doors purchase concentrates more than edibles with flower being the next most popular purchase.

“Over half of our customer base is from out of state, with only a few locals,” said Lamden. “I would say with our customers, concentrates in general sell in bulk better for us. It’s harder for tourists to get what they want out of edibles and they’d have to consume more to get what they want out of edibles.”

In addition to the tax benefits cannabis provides, with Trinidad receiving $2.8 million in cannabis taxes in 2017 alone as stated in a 2018 article by The Gazette, there is also a benefit that tourists bring to Trinidad in other indirect ways also. The survey found that the average cannabis tourist spent $228.59 on lodging, $178.43 on transportation, $167.81 on activities, and $140.75 on food in addition to the $264.74 that they spent on cannabis itself. This means that each individual tourist coming to town for cannabis has the potential to add an average of $980.32 to the local economy.

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