The Electronic Recording Technology Board (ERTB), housed in the Secretary of State’s office, has awarded grants to six of Colorado’s rural counties, including Las Animas.

The ERTB was created in 2016 with the mission of developing, maintaining, improving, replacing, or preserving land records systems in our state. The grants help counties -- especially in rural Colorado -- invest in technological upgrades.

During the August and September board meetings, the ERTB awarded these counties the following grants:

— Lincoln: $9,000 for licensing and annual maintenance fees; $36,392 for indexing 270 books of historical land records.

— Cheyenne: $18,780 for cyber-security upgrades, indexing, internet hosting services, and annual maintenance.

— Las Animas: $197,000 for digitization and indexing of historical land records, and improved online services.

— Washington: $41,290 for new hardware and annual maintenance.

— Montrose: $18,304 for reimbursement of plat printer and annual maintenance.

— Pueblo: $200,000 for digitization and indexing of 1,526 books of historical land records.

“I am pleased that the Electronic Recording Technology Board is once again able to help counties in rural Colorado invest in much needed technological upgrades. Lincoln, Cheyenne, Las Animas, Washington, Montrose and Pueblo counties will now be able to meet more of their constituents’ needs,” said Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

The ERTB was created in 2016, after a working group made up of real estate, title, lending, and legal professionals, as well as county subject-matter experts conducted an evaluation of Colorado’s recording systems. Since the its creation, the board has awarded more than three million dollars to ensure county clerks are able to improve and maintain property records, marriage licenses, and other important documents.

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