Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to both Board of Education (BOE) responses to my opinion letter.

First, I have never said that I was not in favor of the ballot issue. I supported it last year and do this year. I have never told anyone not to vote for the ballot issue. The community is well informed of the importance it has on the school district and will vote, I believe, in support of the ballot issue.

What is interesting is the BOE lack of response to address any of the other issues I have mentioned.

Also interesting is that the responses by the BOE to my opinion were taken prior to my opinion being published in The Chronicle-News.

When did the BOE meet to discuss what to put in the responses? Was there a proper notice of a public meeting as required by the sunshine law or was it done over the phone or by email, which is still in violation of the open meetings law? Have they just admitted to having violated the open meetings law?

Earlier this year, the Chronicle took exception to Governor Polis’ staff in trying to influence the Chronicle’s publishing of an article. It seems they, The Chronicle, may have done something similar in violation of journalism ethics by giving my letter to the BOE before my letter was published.

Also, I take exception to the Chronicle changing my letter.

Patrick Sandoval


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