In 1995 I was living in rural Virginia and while ‘monitoring’ the Rush Limbaugh radio show I noticed that he seemed to be actually convincing people that his philosophy of bigotry and selfishness made sense.

He acknowledged that if his hero Ronald Reagan hadn’t gotten rid of the Fairness Doctrine (an FCC rule requiring diverse thought on our public airwaves) then Limbaugh said he ‘could never have stopped being a music DJ and created this show.’ Rush even admitted that a mere 15 minutes a week of diversity of thought would ruin his three-hour-a-day, five-day-a-week festival of hate.

At the time I spoke on the phone with an editor at the Washington Post, beseeching him to print my letter about this and for the Post to fact-check Limbaugh. The editor laughed at me and then apologized, but said in essence, “No one who listens to him can even figure out how to vote.”

Over the years Limbaugh’s popularity grew like a mushroom and he was joined by others like Sean Hannity and Michael Savage on the radio and then finally Fox News came to life on TV. And now we have the surrogate for Limbaugh as POTUS.

Despite his philosophical perspective, I wish Rush Limbaugh well with his fight against lung cancer. And I hope and pray our nation can survive this president.

Chip Shirley


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