Dear Editor,

Fear is a strong emotion. Everyone has to face it. For most, if they let fear overcome them, people wind up being ashamed of how they have acted. Not our dishonorable Senate majority!

They are proud that they turned a constitutionally mandated process into a cover up that will eventually destroy our democracy. The fact that grown men and women who were elected to honorably represent and protect the Constitution and their constituents would vote to not allow witnesses in an impeachment trial is beyond belief. The fear these miserable senators have of a misinformed minority of voters who have been brainwashed by 20 years of Fox talk show lies must be very overwhelming.

But alas, I guess if I had a job where I made $174,000 per year, received $3.5 million to run my offices, received a $50,000 per year pension, received perks from lobbyists, was able to quietly do insider stock trading, and to top it off receive 72 percent of my gold plated health care plan paid for by the taxpayers, I might be tempted to do the same.

So, I guess you can’t blame them for soiling their pants at the thought of doing the right thing and protecting the Constitution.

The old men in the Senate really don’t care about doing the right thing because they will soon disappear from the Senate with the great wealth they have accumulated. But I wonder what they will tell their kids and grandkids when they ask what democracy was.

Oliver Toole


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