After hearing from several readers that local cannabis dispensary Freedom Road was planning to demolish the iconic brick ovens behind their business on Freedom Road, once the local brick producer of the infamous Trinidad stamped bricks, The Chronicle-News decided to reach out to see as to why they were being torn down.

In a statement from Freedom Road management, this decision was due to safety reasons.

“We are having to tear them down for insurance purposes, as they are perceived as a huge liability,” said management. “We have had homeless folks setting up camp in them and with the tops on some beginning to crumble, we have to take them down for safety purposes.”

The City of Trinidad commented that as much as the city hates to see them go, the business is within their right to tear them down.

In a statement from the City of Trinidad, they said, “the City of Trinidad does not have control over private property in this regard, and has no authority over preventing the demo of the brick ovens. The owners pulled a demo permit within the last month.”

After asking if there was any historic protection over the ovens, the City stated they do not recall any ruling that they were or are currently protected.

“Unless funds were received from History Colorado for the brick ovens, there’s nothing preventing it from being demolished,” city officials said.

To date, no funds have been received from History Colorado for the brick ovens.

Although it is sad for many to see them go, there’s still an opportunity to claim a small part of local history, Freedom Road management said.

“We would love for anyone who wants or needs any of these original bricks to please contact us and we will give them away,” said Freedom Road Management.

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