City of Trinidad

The City of Trinidad established the Trinidad Historic Preservation Commission to assist property owners who want to landmark structures and sites that are at least 50 years old and contain historical significance and would like to hear from owners of historic structures that would like to be recognized.  

The city was designated a Certified Local Government by the United States Department of the Interior under the provision of Section 101(c) of the National Historic Preservation Act as a local partner in the Federal Preservation Program. As a Certified Local Government, the city is authorized to locally landmark structures and sites, which may then be eligible for the Colorado Historic Preservation Tax Credit. Tax credits are a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of tax owed to the government. Tax credits provide financial incentives to revitalize historic buildings as they can be used to offset the cost of rehabilitating and restoring historic buildings.

Historical significance can be defined in numerous ways such as a property which is associated with: events or trends important in the history of the community; with individuals who made a demonstrable and lasting contribution; contains architectural merit; has the potential to yield information that will contribute to a better understanding of our past (archaeological); or geographic, referring to its location and its recognition as a visual landmark.

The Historic Preservation Commission has waived the fee for the next 10 applications received.

The city asks those interested to contact Georgi Ann Clark in the City Planning Office for additional information call 719-846-9843 ext. 120 or go to   

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