A Trinidad man was arrested and charged with a felony Aggravated Assault with other weapon for his alleged role in hitting another person with a claw hammer. A Trinidad Police Officer on patrol at approximately 2:50 p.m. on Sunday, June 30, was flagged down by an unidentified male party near Cimino Park and Convent Street who told the officer that he had seen two male parties fighting and swinging what he believed were weapons at each other. Police arrested Scott Duran, age unknown, at 401 Market St. near the park, who was detained using handcuffs, arrested and booked into the Las Animas County Jail.

An officer observed Duran on a walking trail just north of Cedar Street, in the company of a second male party. The two parties separated on foot after noticing a police presence in the area. The officer noticed that the second party was bleeding from wounds on his head, consistent with a blow from a claw hammer, and Trinidad Ambulance and Fire personnel were summoned to the scene. The alleged victim refused any further medical assistance, though emergency personnel kept him under observation.

The victim allegedly told police that Duran and he were friends, but that Duran had for some time been accusing him of stealing his, Duran’s, identify among other accusations. The victim was by now visibly bleeding from a scalp wound on his head that he allegedly told police was caused by Duran’s use of a claw hammer. The victim said the incident began when he and Duran were at Cimino Park, with the victim running away from Duran, who chased him down and used a hammer to strike him in the head.

At this point, police arrested and handcuffed Duran, who allegedly had a few things to say while being transported to the county jail. “I’m not sorry. My worries are over,” he allegedly told police. “I needed to make a statement, I needed the harassment to stop. He **** ruined my life. I did what I did, so you can take me to **** jail.”

Police found the red and black handled claw hammer in the weeds just off the walking where the two parties were first observed, and it was entered into police evidence. Police also observed blood and hair on the hammer, with the hair being consistent in length and color to that of the victim.

Authorities released no further information at this time.

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