Trinidad police officers were called to a residence in the 700 block of Tillotson Street at approximately 11 p.m. on Saturday, November 24 on a report from a woman who claimed her son had threatened to kill her. Police arrested Norman Reed, who was charged with a single felony count of Menacing, taken to Mt. San Rafael Hospital for a medical clearance and then placed without incident in the Las Animas County Jail.

The mother told police that Reed had held a butcher knife over her head and threatened to hit her with it, and also threatened to shoot her in the stomach. Police recovered text messages from Reed, in one of which he allegedly wrote, “I broke mom, Yeah I through [sic] her, Now mom will die, I’m ready to murder.”

Reed’s sister allegedly told police that violent death threats by Reed against family members had been an ongoing issue for several years. The mother also showed police bruised areas of her body, with injuries she said had been inflicted on her by Reed.

The mother told police she was so terrified of her son that she was afraid to call the police for fear he would kill her. She told police that she didn’t report the abuse in the past because she loved her son and didn’t want him to be sent back to prison or to end up homeless.

Reed’s sister, who doesn’t live in Trinidad, told police she would get text messages with a code word from her mother whenever her mother felt threatened by Reed. Reed’s sister would then notify Trinidad police of the threatening situation. Throughout police officers’ interview with the mother, it was allegedly mentioned that Reed’s threats had become more frequent recently, as well as having become increasingly violent. The physical violence had resulted in the mother being thrown to the floor, causing bruising, according to the police report. Reed’s death threats had allegedly extended to his brother and sister, who don’t live in Trinidad, where he has on more than one occasion threatened to kill the entire family.

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