On Saturday, Oct. 26, local MMA fighters Travis Aragon and Michael Evans traveled to Pueblo for an event put on by Colorado Combat Club (C3) at the Pueblo Convention Center. A packed house cheered each of them on in their respective fights with multiple people from Trinidad present to give their support.

Aragon, who has had several years experience as a fighter, was presented as a featured fighter while Evans made his amateur debut at this C3 event as one of the first fighters of the evening.

With hundreds of spectators in the crowd, the ring, or cage, encompassed by chain link fencing kept the fights contained. Paramedics were present in case needed, though fortunately stretchers on standby were unnecessary for the evening’s entertainment.

Evans, fighting against Tommy Hancock from Pueblo, went two rounds in the ring. During round one, both put up a good fight with Hancock ultimately getting Evans in a locked hold before ultimately moving to round two. Evans used a lot of his energy during the first round and ultimately was defeated in round two but not without a good fight.

Aragon fought against Witt Campbell from Pariah MMA, who was a formidable opponent according to Aragon.

“Pariah MMA is the best gym in Colorado Springs,” said Aragon.

The fight didn’t last long, going only one round. After a few moments of back and forth sparing, Aragon ultimately was able to pin Campbell and gain a knockout win.

While he returns to Trinidad with another win under his belt, Aragon commented that he doesn’t plan to relax anytime soon. He has been offered an invitation to fight for some big organizations out of Denver but said his passion and interest lies in getting a youth program going first.

“We would really like to get a youth MMA program with jiu-jitsu and wrestling going,” said Aragon, “and we definitely want to get a wrestling season going for the youth wrestling program soon as well.”

Aragon said he currently trains his son, Travis Aragon Jr., who observably has fun putting on sparing equipment and going head to head against his father.

“It’s a great outlet for kids to have an opportunity to stay fit and get out some energy,” said Aragon. “We’d really like to do the Pikes Peak League youth wrestling program as soon as we’re able.”

That said, he does plan to keep up his own skills and step back into the ring before long.

“I’m going to wait several months to step back in the cage,” said Aragon with a sense of obligation. “I’m the first professional fighter to come out of Trinidad, and I don’t plan to stop now. I just want to focus on the youth wrestling program and getting my son ready for the upcoming season that will be starting soon.”

Brick City MMA is seeking to start jiu-jitsu and wrestling programs to offer constructive outlets for area youth. If you or your kids are interested in getting involved in Aragon’s wrestling program, he can be contacted via their Facebook page Evolution Brick City MMA.

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