With a positive outlook on Trinidad’s economy, City Council made hefty steps towards improving the city and quality of life for citizens over this past year by using Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funds and Marijuana Tax monies, along with leveraged income to receive several grants for even more benefit.

According to the city’s capital projects spreadsheet, the city is on track to spend $5.6 million in projects this year. Some of the improvements have long been needed.

Some $2 million was allocated for sewer improvements for 2019 and part of this money will be used to replace a sewer trunk line serving a third of the city moving into 2020. Large sewer improvements began with a new sewer slip lining that cost the city $6,072.

Another $1.5 million was budgeted for 2019 for improvements to ADA compliance within the city with sidewalks, intersections, and building access all receiving improvements. So far the city has spent $92,684 of that budget on these improvements and will continue working to improve accessibility for citizens.

Those who regularly drive on Santa Fe may have noticed the manhole repairs making them less of a pothole. For 2019, the city budgeted $500,000 for needed improvements to city streets. As of yet, nothing has been posted in actuals for 2019 although these improvements have already been made and will continue.

Monument Lake, which is owned by the city, also saw improvements to their facilities including the addition of a bathhouse this year. The city is also continuing to update cabins and lodging on the premises. $150,000 was budgeted for these improvements though nothing has yet been posted as actual costs.

Using Marijuana Tax monies, the city has allocated funds for the construction of the shell of a building to be used by Noah’s Ark for the new animal shelter. With the shell now completed, Noah’s Ark will continue construction to the inside and looks forward to their new facilities being finished in 2020.

Other large improvements to the city included park facilities such as the improvements to the Southside Park baseball fields and tennis courts at the golf course for a combined budget of $500,000.

A new bathroom on Commercial Street was also installed this year with an approximate cost of $79,949. This will serve as a convenience for tourists and residents who come to Main Street events, which the city is expecting to see more of in 2020.

Trinidad City Clerk Audra Garrett said they look forward to continuing improvements into 2020.

“CIP combined with the Marijuana Sales Tax monies have resulted in a pretty impressive list of accomplishments,” said Garrett.

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