‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’: Evergreen begins to spearhead community projects

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On Wednesday, Nov. 20, Segundo resident Chrisy Martinez along with Evergreen employees and others in the community came together in front of Martinez’s home to celebrate the completion of Evergreen’s first of many planned  ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ projects. By the time the project was in full swing, 12 entities had come together to work as a community to help someone they all felt needed and deserved it.

“We got the word out we were looking for a project and several people started calling me to tell me about Chrisy,” said Jim Montoya, “she works at Ringo’s and we knew her pretty well, her husband had passed away, and when she said her house was leaking, Rodney and myself went to look at it. After we decided on her house, Rodney sent out an email saying we found a project and before the day was over 40 people stepped up and said they’d like to be part of it all on their own.”

Once Evergreen volunteers started the project, the floodgates opened with others desiring to be a part of the community effort.

“We didn’t reach out to anyone necessarily,” said Evergreen Operations Superintendent Dave Baca, “we just started working on it and as people and contractors saw us working, they asked what we were doing and they said they wanted to help. It was awesome to see everyone step up and come together and come together as a community.

 “We were all the laborers for this project but the guys that really took over the project were Brian Scuzzaro, Chris Moreno, and Charles Lopez. They went out, got materials we needed, lined out the project and when we were going to start it.”

Baca went on to share all the other companies that stepped in to help.

“Sam Sisneros Operations replaced her water line and gave us two laborers to help with that and cleaning up the yard and moving materials,” Baca said. “Bamm, a contractor with Evergreen, went and purchased paint and painted her house. Purgatorie Valley Construction lent us generators air compressors, ladders, and other tools as well as trimmed up all the trees and did a lot of cleanup. NV Creative Designs donated banners. Majestic Fencing worked under purgatory valley and did all the soffit and fascia of the house. Maya construction put the tin roofing on. Twin-Enviro donated two roll off dumpsters and a port-a-potty. Pizza Hut discounted a lunch for all the guys helping. Trinidad Landfill allowed us to dump a load of trash with no charge. Las Animas County Commissioners personally paid for the building permit to get this done. Finally, Ringo’s donated drinks and snacks for the people helping.”

Homeowner Chrisy Martinez said she was overjoyed and surprised that the community came together in such a big way to help her.

“I’ve worked in the public my whole life and to know the public really does care about one another meant so much to me,” said Martinez. “I work at Ringo’s and feed these guys on a daily basis so I knew them all. They devoted their time to help one person and that really means a lot to me. You couldn’t find a better place than this community. Not only do I know all these guys, they’ve all been good to me throughout the years and when they saw I was down and out, they all pulled together to help me. I will never forget this as long as I live.”

Evergreen CEO Mark Sexton said he was amazed at how quickly his management team picked up the project and ran with it.

“We put out there that we wanted our guys to find projects in the community where people needed help,” said Sexton. “I’m very proud of our supervisors for embracing this project, and so proud on so many levels. We helped somebody in the community we all know and support and it helps her stay here.

“These are difficult times for everybody and I liked to see us all pitch in together to find things to do to help each other. It’s a testament to how committed these guys are to this community. By the time we could get down here, they already had it done. They picked a great project to start and we’re looking for more.”

Sexton said they’re hoping to do several Neighbors Helping Neighbors community projects every year.

Community comes together to help local resident in need

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