Stray cats

Furry, purring kitty cats can be a delight for their friends and owners, providing feline companionship and warming cat lovers’ laps on cold winter nights. There is such a thing as one cat too many, however, as Trinidad’s Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association (NAAWA) recently discovered in announcing a suspension of intake of cats and kittens at the popular animal shelter located at 224 N. Chestnut St.

Laurel Young, NAAWA’s executive director, explained the difficult decision in a Monday June 24 press release. “Due to the recent extraordinarily high volume of felines Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association currently has received at this time, NAAWA is reluctantly forced to suspend all intake of cats and kittens.  

“NAAWA will continue to help cats in severe medical need, but due to lacking available space, Noah’s Ark cannot accept found cats or owner surrender cats at this time. This suspension of intake will be temporary and the community is advised to stay informed by calling the shelter or by following Noah’s Ark on social media.  

“Noah’s Ark would like to remind the community that the organization does not euthanize animals due to space constraints and is currently doing everything possible to clear up more space at the shelter, so that feline services will resume. The overflowing amount of cats in shelters is not just felt locally, but is also currently felt all throughout Colorado in other shelters.” 

Young said Noah’s Ark now has approximately 45 cats and kittens on hand and awaiting adoption into loving homes, far more than the typical feline population at the shelter of about 20 cats and kittens at any one time. “It just breaks our hearts to have to turn away these wonderful animals, but we have no choice right now,” Young said in a Wednesday, June 26 phone call. “It’s the same situation for animal shelters all over Colorado today, and it’s very difficult and painful for all of us who love cats and want to find good homes for them.”

Noah’s Ark is currently offering several adoption specials through the end of June, including free adoptions for adult cats, a $40 adoption fee for kittens, a two for one adoption special for kittens along with all feline adoptions including spay/neuter services, 30 days of free pet health insurance and more.

There are plenty of ways to help felines at the shelter, according to the website: These include giving a cat or kitten a home through adoption, donations to Noah’s Ark, including at the website listed above, by mail, in person at the shelter or at the Noah’s Ark Thrift Store located at 147 E. Main St.

Noah’s Ark broke ground on a new shelter facility on Monday, March 25 at the site located to the city power plant. The City of Trinidad has budgeted $480,000 to put up the shell of the 6,106 square-foot facility, while plenty of fundraising will be needed to cover the estimated $500,000 to $600,000 cost of equipping the new shelter’s interior. More information about the new shelter is available on the website listed above. Construction began in April 2019 and is expected take approximately one year.

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