In this edition, we wanted to talk to a few Trinidad residents. So, we asked a couple of questions. “What do you like best about living in Trinidad?” And, “What would you change about Trinidad if you could?”

Here is what we found out:

Vibeke Adkisson

The best feature of our little town is, without a doubt, the warm and friendly people who live here. Another great feature that you don’t see much of these days is its incredible “walkabilitiy.”  From where I live, I can go just about anywhere I need to go on foot with the added benefit I can meet and greet everybody as I go.

If I could change one thing, it would be for all the beautiful buildings to be brought back to their former days of magnificence. I wish we could “dress these ladies in their ball gowns.”

Katrina Barandiaran

The thing that strikes me the most positively about Trinidad is the diversity of our population.  We have ranchers. We have artists and other creatives. We have tourists. We have families. We have marijuana folks — a little bit of everything.

The thing that strikes me the most negatively is the appearance of so many transients. I know they have a place in society, but I wish we could find a way to keep them occupied and in a safe shelter.

Shirley Castillo and her sister, Louise Grosso

The best thing, for us, is that we have many people in our large family and they are all pretty much right here in Trinidad. We can pop in and see each whenever we want without having to leave town. We were born and raised here and never found any reason to go anywhere else.

One thing we both agree on is that it would be great to see more music festivals. Trinidaddio has proven to be a huge success over the years and attracts many people to town, but wouldn’t it be nice to have more of a variety of other kinds of music like rock and roll or country? We could have several events during the year. We put on an Eagles concert here that was a sell-out, but we’re just two people. That experience told us more events like this would go over well.

Stan Chacon

I think the best thing about living here in Trinidad is the small-town feel of the place. Unlike the larger metro areas, we actually know our neighbors. We also unconditionally help one another out when asked — or even when not asked. I also want to say our climate is unmatched anywhere.

One thing I would change if I could and that would be to recapture the reputation for excellence that the school district once had. We lost not only many good students, but also many exceptional teachers several years ago. I go by the high school now and see one-fourth the numbers of student vehicles that used to be in the student parking lot. We lost a lot of promising athletes during that time, too. I’d like to see the sports programs need to get back to their glory days.  

Karen Klingenberg

What I like best about living in Trinidad is what a sense of community we have here. When my husband and I moved here, sight unseen two years ago, we didn’t know what to expect. Since then we have met so many lovely people. It was so easy to fit in as newcomers.

It’s hard for me to find something I would want to change. It’s more a question of what would I add: a steak house, preferably a farm-to-table one.  

Lora Nava

One of the many things I love about Trinidad is the stunning nature that surrounds us. It’s everywhere; you just have to look around you to see it. The other thing I like is the architecture that is unmatched anywhere else in Colorado.

If I could change one thing in Trinidad it would be to have lower gasoline prices that are comparable to other cities. I think our gas is ridiculously high and we would all benefit if the prices were lowered. Too, people who are travelling, before they start their trip, often check gas prices along their route.  When they see gas is sky-high in Trinidad, they probably pass us by. If we were competitive with other places, we’d see many more tourists in town who would get off I-25 to gas up and perhaps spend some time (and money) in Trinidad.  

Penny Saeedi

The best thing, in my opinion, about Trinidad is the people that populate it. Our people are, in a word, friendly. I volunteer for ACTS, a group that serve the needy, particularly the homeless. I often ask them, “Why did you come here?” Their answers are usually along the lines of how welcoming and friendly our people seem to be.

What would I change if I had the power to do so? I’d like to see our downtown vibrant again like it used to be — busting with people, attractive buildings and thriving businesses.

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