While shopping this year, many options were found ready and available for practically anything that anyone was looking for. Some of them were from Amazon and the chain stores, all the big-box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes and of course the many department stores such as Dillard’s, J.C. Penney’s and TJ Maxx.

Locally, there are a number of choices, including all the wonderful area and downtown merchants, old-faithful Walmart and gift certificates galore for any number of area fine dining establishments and other businesses.

Some of the most fun gift ideas began at home and have been crafted with tender loving care by the giver. And who of us doesn’t just love to get one of these homemade items?

In my quest to see who shopped where, I asked a number of friendly faces the following question. Where will you be doing your Christmas shopping this year?  

Some of the answers I was given are as follows. Let’s begin with Mary Nichol and Bev McDonald, two friends who were out shopping together when they agreed to do an interview.


I do about 80 percent of my Christmas shopping locally. I believe it is important to support our own merchants rather than to go out of town. I prefer hands-on shopping. There were only a few minor items that I had to go to the local chain store to get.

Bev: I agree with Mary except that I probably do more like 75 percent in Trinidad. I like to actually pick up and look at merchandise rather than to buy it online where I’m not always sure of what I’ll be getting.  


For me, I want to support our local merchants so the bulk of my shopping is being completed in Trinidad. An example is a collection of stuffed animals I found at Noah’s Ark Thrift Store. They will be going to veterans in hospice. One exception is I am giving my mother an access to the Ancestry.com database to discover our family’s history. I also got postage stamps for all the   Christmas cards she’ll be writing and mailing out. Another exception is a handmade knife I found for my son-in-law, which I came across at a craft show out of town.  


I am a handicrafter so I made lot of the gifts I am giving this Christmas. Other than those gifts, I am giving money to my boys as well as my two-year old grandbaby in the form of a start-up savings account.



I don’t have a large family so I don’t shop for many people, but when I do it’s only in Trinidad; I find no reason to spend my money out of town. The prices are good, the service is great and the camaraderie in Trinidad is special. If I don’t find exactly what I want, I usually find something comparable.



I am limiting my shopping to Trinidad with a bit of Amazon for a few things I can’t find here. I’m definitely not fighting the crowds at the mall or a big-box store.

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