Water damage

A pipe connection at the Trinidad Middle School failed on Tuesday morning, November 13, causing water damage to three classrooms. Classes were shifted to currently unused classrooms until the damages could be assessed and an insurance claim filed.

On Tuesday, November 13 the Trinidad Middle School custodians discovered a failed pipe connection on the third floor, causing significant water damage to some classrooms. Maintenance Director Jeff Roybal and his crew immediately began clean up in three rooms, one on each floor. The water damage was extensive but classes were moved to other areas of the building. Superintendent Dr. Bonnie Aaron said in a Tuesday phone call that were some classrooms at the Middle School that were not being used, so classes could be shifted to those rooms. 

Dr. Aaron said a professional dehumidifier company, Kinetic Restorations of Englewood, was being brought in to dry out the affected areas, and would be on scene for approximately one week to get things completed. Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Roybal said at a Tuesday, November 13 school board special meeting that the solder in a pipe connection had failed, causing the water damage. 

Aaron said the district was doing an assessment of damages, including damage to computer equipment, for an insurance claim. A core sample of the affected area was taken to check on any possible asbestos leakage. The school is closed on Friday, so maintenance staff will use the three-day weekend to remove sub-flooring in the affected areas and check on the crawlspace underneath the flooring for any further damages.

“We’re hoping to use the weekend to further assess the situation and see where we need to go from there,” Aaron said.

She said the school district had contacted the state Health Department to make them aware of the situation. Trinidad Middle School was originally built in 1911, and Tuesday’s water leak is another sign of the many ongoing maintenance issues at all four of Trinidad’s public schools.

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