Raton grass fire

On Thursday, October 3, shortly after 9:45 am, Raton Fire Department, along with Colfax County Rapid Response, responded to a report of a grass fire located on S. Oakwood Lane, off of Bartlett Mesa Road in Northeastern Raton.

RFD Assistant Chief Anthony Burke stated, “When we got the call, we happened to look out the window, and smoke was visible from the downtown station.”

The speedy response of RFD and CCRR contained the fire to maintain a safe distance from nearby residences. Visible right off of I-25, the grass fire was contained in a matter of 20 minutes.

Local Michelle Valdez, shared photos with KRTN and noted, “I’m glad they got it out before it jumped the highway.”

Burke noted that Raton Public Services were in the area to monitor any possible interference with power lines, but there was not any damage as a result, just a patch of scorched grass.

Details of how the fire started are to be determined and KRTN will keep you updated as information becomes available.

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