Dear Editor,

I write this letter in response to Las Animas County Democrat Chairwoman’s attack on the Las Animas County Republicans, the Polis Recall effort, and our Labor Day BBQ.

The first claim of Ms. Ozzello’s letter states that the recall effort of Governor Polis is not bi-partisan. I would beg to differ. Though the group that filed for the petition may not be bi-partisan, many Democrats locally and around the state have signed the petition as well as pledged money in the effort to remove Governor Polis from office. So, yes, Ms. Ozzello, the Recall is a bipartisan effort.

Her second claim is an attack on us for having a BBQ involving politics during a long - standing local event. If it serves my memory correct, no one ever wrote a letter to the editor when LAC Democratic Party had a meet and greet, with a campaign stop by then candidate Polis, on Main Street, during the Blues Fest Pre-Party last year. To be clear, this is our second year having an event at the Las Animas County Fair Grounds on Labor Day.

Last year we had a brisket dinner fundraiser where we fed locals on both sides of the aisle. This year our event is a free barbecue in support of the Constitution and our God-given rights. The Constitution should be the most bipartisan issue of all. What is more American than eating a hamburger with friends and celebrating the constitution on Labor Day?

But times have changed. It seems that one group in this country wants to preserve the wisdom of our founders while another group would like to dismantle it in an agenda driven, political feeding frenzy. We will not apologize for our event and we look forward to celebrating Labor Day and our freedoms along with this great community.

The Las Animas County Republicans will always be “Involved” in our community and help out when we can.


Ty Winter

LACRCC Chairman

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