Champion Bill Schroeder

Champion Bill Schroeder poses with runner up Tom Schultz following championship round on Sunday, September 22 at the Trinidad Golf Course Clubhouse.

Former Trinidadian Bill Schroeder, currently residing in Pueblo, overcame Tom Schultz in the championship round to capture his second Azar championship at the Trinidad Municipal Golf Course last weekend, September 21-22. Schultz experienced difficulties on the par fives in the second round, allowing Schroder to surge ahead.

“I hit the ball much better today (Sunday)” said Schroeder, “and I putted well. It was a great day. I enjoyed the golf course, as always. It’s always a pleasure to come back to Trinidad. The course is fabulous. I wish I were still living here. If I’m still alive I’ll be back next year.”

Schultz, who has won numerous tournaments over the years, lamented his play on Sunday. “I played the par 5’s mediocre today,” added Schultz. “I did not have one birdie on the par 5’s. But it was great having food on the golf course, courtesy of a Hoehne fundraiser. They had a lot of good food available. All the players enjoyed it. It was a fun day. It’s always fun to play golf here. I couldn’t blame the greens for my putting woes today. It was my lack of skill.”

Franklin Azar initiated his Trinidad Invitational in 1984. It was a success that first year of play, and has been ever since. He liked this one too.

“This weekend was a big success as usual,” said Azar. “It is so much fun to be back in town. I’m so busy I can’t make it back as often as I would like. It’s nice to see all my friends, and I was able to see how the golf course is coming along. The work that was done on number five is fantastic. I’m glad the city of Trinidad has helped in preserving a gem. Golf pro Jeremy Stone from Augusta, Georgia John Gurden, director of golf at the Chicago Golf Club, the second oldest golf course in Chicago, played with us. Todd Yosoctake, Director of Golf at the Riveria and Dan Swalk, Director of Golf at Desert Mountain in Arizona as well as various pros at courses across the country that I belong to were very much impressed. They just love the course. You have a real jewel in your golf course. Each year I introduce all my friends to the people of Trinidad and the Golf Association. They enjoy meeting everybody. And I would like to laud Guido Pachelli (head greens-keeper) for the great job he has always done.”

Tournament Tidbits:

Donnie Anderson, one of Azar’s Denver friends, was ecstatic about a hole-in-one he scored on number five in a Friday practice round. Playing partners who witnessed the event were Eric Kibler, Mike Humble, Mike Hinkle, and Scott Sandlin. Anderson hit a nine iron on the 135-yard hole.  

“I scuffed the club when I swung and it hooked over the trees on the right. The ball hit high and rolled back 40 feet across the green and into the cup. It was my first ace and it was great that I hit it in Trinidad, or in the world for that matter.”

Jeremy Story, Golf Pro from the Sage Valley Golf Club in Aiken, South Carolina, was also impressed. “It’s a very good golf course and it was nice to spend a little time in your small town. And I’m glad to be here to support Mr. Azar.”

John Gurden from the Chicago Golf Club was also intrigued with the TGC. “Your golf course is great,” said Guylon in a brief interview at the tournament banquet Saturday night. “I was surprised at its great condition. The greens are really good. It is a great event to be a part of.”

Tournament winners:


1st – Bill Schoeder        34 – 49 - +21

2nd – Tom Schultz        49 - 36    - +19

3rd – David Baca          34 -35 - +7*

4th – Ryan Coberly       35 – 30 - +7

First Flight:

1st – Donald Eckleberry    31 - 25    +6

2nd – Shane Trujillo         35 -25 - +4*

3rd – Billy Gallegos          33 – 23 - +4

4th – Steve Dominguez    29 – 30 - +3

Second Flight:

1st – Henry Blatnic         22 – 28 - +6

2nd – Pete Montoya        22 – 21 - +1*

3rd – Ken Alfonso           25 – 18 - +1

4th – John Ramirez         22 – 24 – 0

Third Flight:

1st – Ken Lee                     22 – 24 - +16            

2nd – Janice Santistevan    19 – 24 - +7

3rd  - Doc Leonetti             20 – 18 - +4

4th – Judy DeDoux            14 – 9 - +1

Azar Flights:

First Flight:

1st – Kane Webber        38 – 50 - +22        

2nd – Franklin Azar        17 – 26 - +12

3rd – Blair Philip            31 – 38 - +11

Flight Two:

1st – Bill Gleason               25 – 24 - +5

2nd – Peter McCaffrey        28 – 29 - +3

3rd – Theodore Ridder        27 – 30 - -2

4th – Bob Markel               16 – 11 - -5

Azar Pros:

1st – Brett Patton              43 - 54 - 97

2nd – John Guyton            34 – 55 – 89*

3rd – Aaron Johnson          44 – 45 - 89

4th – Christopher Murzyn   45 – 41 – 86

*Ties determined by second round score

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