Tom and Colleen Schultz

Tom and Colleen Schultz celebrate his third consecutive ‘El Cid’ victory in Mazatlan, Mexico.

An inveterate champion he is.

Tom Schultz, who has won so many tournaments he cannot recall a number, has taken his game, and his wife (Colleen), to Mexico to vacation and play golf for the past three years to Mazatlan, Mexico halfway down the country on the Pacific Coast. For the dynamic couple, those three trips, without question, have been highly successful. Not only did they have fun basking on the ocean beach sipping Mai Tai’s, but also on the golf course where Schultz has won the championship of the El Cid Senior ‘A flight’ three consecutive years, all accomplished with his most faithful gallery, i.e., Colleen, who has logged who-knows-how-many miles following her husband around golf courses in the American southwest, and, of course, for the past three years, in Mexico.

Schultz, now 61, fired a 67-77-73 on the par 72 courses to eke out his third senior flight championship in the three day tournament played at the scenic El Cid Resort Golf Course and Spa comprised of three nine hole layouts designed by Lee Trevino. The Senior A flight for the early November tourney (8, 9, 10, 2019) was comprised of 30 competitors with some pretty good sticks in the group. For each of the past three tournaments, Schultz has won time-shares that the couple has utilized to vacation and enjoy some well-earned adventures on the road in the states and in Mexico.

“The locals didn’t play all that good,” mused Schultz of his competition comprised of players from Mexico, United States, and Canada. “I played good two out of three days and, apparently, it was good enough to win another one. I’ve been playing down there for a few years, and as I do the course becomes more familiar. And we have to play three different courses, so that took some time to familiarize myself. You get to meet new people every year. I always pick up some new acquaintances. We’ve driven down the past three years, but next year we might look at some other options. I’ve won three playing from the senior tees, which is more susceptible to scoring. Of course I play on the senior tees because of my advanced age and advancing handicap! We’re looking forward to going back next year.”

Tom enjoys the spirited competition. Colleen enjoys everything. The couple owns a home in Tucson, Arizona, where they spend the winter months soaking in the sun, and, of course, a lot of opportunity for Tom to play golf and work on his game.  

“My favorite part is sitting on the beach, but I really enjoy watching Tom play,” said Colleen. “And it’s nice to enjoy the beach, the food, and all our friends, many of whom we met down there. On this last trip, we got to enjoy Chris and Mary Cryderman, formerly from Trinidad, who now reside in Tucson. It’s all a lot of fun. I’ve watched Tom win a lot of tournaments over the years. The trips to Mazatlan the past three years have been exceptional for us. The people we’ve met down there are great, and Tom keeps on winning those time shares!”  

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