On Wednesday, January 22 Trinidad Middle School held their annual school-wide science fair culminating with a student-led awards assembly in their gym. This year, TMS science teacher Madison Howlett said she was pleased with the enthusiasm the students showed.

“The kids surprised me with how much they got into their projects this year,” said Howlett. “They all put a lot of effort into their projects.”

TMS purchased prizes and awards and gave them out to participants at the assembly, with a first, second, and third place for grades 6, 7, and 8. There were also three students who received the Einstein Award, showcasing outstanding projects for each grade level, chosen by the science teachers.

Projects spanned from how video games affect the body to product testing different brands of paper towels with the purpose being to teach kids that science can be fun as well as how the scientific method can answer questions we have about our everyday lives.

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