The City of Trinidad is ranked 47th for crime and safety in the state according to the company SafeWise in the annual release of its study and report of the safest cities in Colorado.

The ranking is compiled from crime statistics for 2017.

The City of Lamar was ranked as the “safest” city in the state. “The top city, Lamar, reported no murder, rape, aggravated assault, motor vehicle theft, or arson,” said the report. No other southeastern Colorado communities ranked in the top 20.

Referring to the state and the cities that made the top 20, the report said, “Although the state is slightly higher than the national averages for both violent and property crime, every city on our list reported fewer than 1.5 violent crime incidents per 1,000 people. Plus, 85 percent also beat the state’s property crime rate of 31.01 incidents per 1,000.”

Trinidad’s population was recorded as 7,961 in 2017 with a violent crime rate and property crime rate per 1,000 of 3.89 and 57.53, respectively.

Colorado’s safest cities interesting findings:

— The state is barely higher the national violent crime rate—4.493 vs. 4.485 incidents per 1,000 people.


— Colorado has a higher property crime rate (31.01) than the national rate of 27.11.

— 65 percent of the safest cities reported fewer than one violent crime incident per 1,000 people.

— 85 percent of the cities beat the state’s property crime rate.

— 64 percent of respondents to the State of Safety survey named digital security and property crime as their top worries

— The main digital security fear is being a target for identity theft — 79 percent are worried about ID theft, vs. 74 percent nationwide.

— Someone breaking in while they’re not home was the top property crime concern, with 67 percent ranking it first, compared to 63 percent across the country.

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