Photo 1 & 2: Trinidad Fire Department Captain Kenney Baker demonstrates and teaches proper practices for using Jaws of Life with Trinidad Ambulance District personnel. The TAD recently purchased two Jaws of Life for each of their ambulance vehicles in an effort to be more prepared in an emergency. TAD Deputy Chief of Operations Gabriel Moreno stated, “There are instances where the ambulance gets called out and the Fire Department may not be immediately available, so having these tools and knowing how to use them further insures the safety of our community.”

Photo 3: The Trinidad Fire Department and Trinidad Ambulance District worked closely together to bring better safety to the community. In the photo, Trinidad Ambulance Paramedic Rob Bukovac, Trinidad Firefighter Jodi Stodghill, Trinidad Ambulance EMT Mandy Devries, TSJC EMT Student Luis Flores, Trinidad Ambulance Paramedic Jason Stodghill, Trinidad Ambulance EMT Jordan Velasquez, Trinidad Ambulance EMT Alyssa Rivas, (kneeling) Trinidad Firefighter Lyle Mrace, Trinidad Ambulance Paramedic Bobby Lane, and (bending over) Trinidad Fire Captain Baker all work in a simulation exercise to carefully remove an individual from a vehicle with a jammed door.

Photo 4: Trinidad Ambulance EMT Alyssa Rivas uses a tool to carefully break a window in order to unlock a door as Trinidad Fire Captain Sandoval and Trinidad Ambulance Intermediate Darren Kolakowski and Fire Captain Kenney Baker observe. Fire Captain Baker noted there are emergency instances where an individual may be locked inside with no ability or consciousness to unlock from the inside requiring such measures.

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