Trinidad Trekkers is a program designed to get Trinidad High School students moving.  Any Trinidad High School student is welcome. Students start by walking a pre-determined course during part of their lunch period and logging the number of laps they walk. Once a student has walked 5 miles, they earn a fitness tracker. After earning the fitness tracker, the students can log all their steps for the day.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the Trekkers who have logged 30 miles will be going to the Raton Aquatics Center to swim for an afternoon. Seven students have earned this trip.  Students who log 70 miles by May will earn a trip to the Great Sand Dunes for a day.

On Friday, Jan. 17, the Trekkers are sponsoring a walking tour of the Trinidad Lake State Park that will be guided by Floyd Duran, the senior ranger. This tour will include a trip up Longs Canyon where the prehistoric KT boundary within the rock formations is located. “Trinidad Lake State Park contains one of the best exposures of the famed K-Pg (Cretaceous-Paleogene — formerly known as the K/T, Cretaceous-Tertiary) boundary, where Cretaceous- and Paleogene-aged rocks are separated by an iridium-rich layer that represents an asteroid impact and possibly the extinction of many of the Earth’s dinosaur species.” This should be fun and educational. All Trinidad High School students are welcome to participate.

Invaluable partners in this project are Ivory Raye from Mt. Carmel Wellness and Community Center and Trinidad Americorp volunteers Alison Mendonca and Sarah Spainhower.

Other activities that are being planned include:

— An obstacle course in conjunction with the Trinidad Fire Department

— A day of playing Pokemon GO

— A hike

This program is being funded by the AIM XL Health and Wellness Grant that Trinidad School District No. 1 received.

All students welcome to participate, earn rewards for fitness efforts

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