The iconic Tower 64 is a local landmark recognizable from I-25. The hotel’s new owner, Cang Quach said soon the public would be able to purchase a ticket to go to the top and experience the breathtaking views available from  atop the tall advantage point.
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Tower 64 under new ownership with focus on local area’s history, tourism

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Driving into Trinidad from Raton Pass on I-25, one of the first objects marking the beginning of town is the large, tall tower with huge lighted letters that spell out ‘Tower 64’ on the right side of the interstate. The landmark, once a fire tower, is one of the highest manmade points in Trinidad and its history is part of what drew Tower 64’s new owner, Cang Quach, to acquire the hotel in August 2019.

“There’s quite a bit of history for Tower 64,” said Quach. “The initial land grant in the 1890s was held as one piece of land in the hundreds of acres up until the 1970s. It was then broken apart and at some point during the 70s it was developed into a motel. Prior to that we suspect, though we don’t yet have full confirmation, we think the tower was built as a fire tower in the 1930s in response to a fire that burnt near Trinidad in the mid 1910’s. The history of the tower, like all of Trinidad, is really interesting to me.”

The tower being such a big part of the hotel and RV Park’s uniqueness, Quach said he is currently in the process of renovating the tower to allow visitors to see Trinidad, Fishers Peak, and the rest of the surroundings from atop the iconic structure.

“I’m already in the process of turning the tower into a historic landmark attraction,” said Quach. “I’m currently having a structural engineer look at it and make sure when he draws the design it’s up to safety standards. We’ll put a barrier around it so we don’t have kids running up there or transients and people can make appointments to go up. First and foremost we’re making sure it’s up to safety code and that we have sufficient insurance and liability coverage.”

Quach said he first saw the property last summer and began the acquisition in August after deciding Trinidad was where he wanted to seize the opportunity as a hotel owner.

“We ultimately closed on Dec. 12,” said Quach. “I was looking between Oregon and Colorado and I really like the feel of Trinidad. There’s a good portion of Colorado where you’re driving down I-25 and it’s flat but when you get to Trinidad you see the trees and the snow capped mountain and it’s just gorgeous.”

As the new owner of the hotel, Quach said there are some changes they are in the process of bringing about. Many of these changes are based on feedback he’s received from guests as well as the community.

“We went through and talked to all of our guests including guests from the RV park,” said Quach. “They suggested a number of things such as better linens for one. The other thing is we bought an industrial carpet cleaner so we can make sure the carpet looks nice. We’re also renovating several of the rooms.”

“We got feedback from some of the guests at the RV park that they wanted a playground since some of the guests have kids that come stay during summer with their families. So there’ll be swings and a climbing dome and a seesaw. We’ll be setting that up over the next few weeks. The equipment has already been ordered and should be in soon.

“The last request from our guests was to have a hot tub and there’s a perfect place for one that has a great view of Fisher’s Peak right from the hot tub so we’re looking at getting that going as well,” Quach added.

While Quach said they are renovating rooms, they are also trying to keep the retro feel in a few of them to maintain some of Tower 64’s unique quality.

 “Some of these rooms are really nice if you have an eye for seeing a classy 1960s type of bathroom,” said Quach. “Several of them are bright yellow or turquoise tiles. It’s classy, just a little run down so what we’re doing is not gutting everything but taking up the old grouts and putting in new grout and repainting everything. We’re also putting in new LED anti-fog touch mirrors. Some of the bathrooms are more modernized but for the modern ones, nobody is as likely to take a photo of them and say they were funny or memorable. That’s why we’re keeping some of the classy retro bathrooms.”

Quach mentioned he was excited for the tower’s upgrades and is looking forward to having the community out for a visit once it is ready to climb. For more information or reservations at Tower 64, visit their website at

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