In the most recent Trinidad Police Department report to become available, dated Saturday, January 25, a female identified as Felicia Vinson was taken into custody after TPD received a call of possible drug use happening in the McDonalds parking lot. Officers stated that a residue consistent with heroin and Alprazolam (Xanex) was found in the vehicle Vinson was in as well as on Vinson’s person. Vinson admitted to consuming numerous combinations of drugs. She was arrested and placed in the Las Animas County jail.

Also on January 25, officers were advised that a female, Laura Salazar, had a standing warrant and was taken into custody. Officers searched Salazar’s purse and found eight Oxycodone pills, two glass pipes with a white, burned residue, and 1.8 grams of suspected methamphetamine among other paraphernalia items. After meeting detox release criteria, Salazar was transported to Las Animas County jail.


On January 23, reporting officer Justin Brown witnessed a truck fail to use a turn signal on Nevada Ave. The truck then made an abrupt U-turn, struck the curb, failed to stop for the posted stop sign at the four-way stop at Pine and Nevada Streets then came into the southbound lane of Nevada almost striking Brown’s squad car.

The driver was identified as Nevada Cumings and was operating a vehicle with a suspended California driver’s license and no insurance.

During the stop, Brown stated in the report that Cumings stated, “We just left the bar, I’m drinking, so I am going to go to jail tonight.”

He was placed into custody and later completed a breath test with the result of .171 BrAC (breath alcohol concentration). He was placed at the Las Animas County jail and issued a summons for DUI, no valid driver’s license, failed to present insurance, failed to signal, failed to stop at traffic control device, and making an unsafe U-turn at an intersection.

JANUARY 21 — 22

On January 21, officers stopped Brittany Washburn for an expired temporary license plate. After contacting dispatch with Washburn’s information, the officer was informed that her driving privileges in Colorado were revoked. She was taken into custody and placed in Las Animas County jail.

Also on January 21, officers were dispatched for a female party, identified as Rachel Martinez, who had warrants for her arrest. Upon arrival, Martinez stated she believed she had a warrant and if so she wanted to turn herself in. She was taken into custody and transported to Las Animas County jail where she was placed on the warrants alone.

An arrest report for Robert Harding on January 22 and Laura Febec on January 21 have still not been released, nor anything provided by TPD as to why these reports could not be released.

A warrant arrest for Victoria Aquillio on January 29 and the arrest of Dominic Barrett on January 25 for disorderly conduct and throwing missiles at vehicles have also yet to be released at this time. The Chronicle-News will continue making attempts to acquire and release a summation of these reports.

According to the blotter, there were five calls regarding possible thefts from January 27 to February 2. Additionally, there was a call regarding a burglary on January 31 around 1 p.m., a call of robbery on January 28 around 8 p.m., and a shoplifting call from Family Dollar on January 27 around 3 p.m.

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