Dear Editor,

To all my wonderful friends who supported me during these last seven months with your love and prayers: I want to tell you how much I appreciated you. I could never have done it alone.

Five months of chemo and I received my cancer free award.

Thank God for healing me, and the wonderful care of Dr. Corr who did the operation. If it weren’t for my primary care doctor, Katherine Broman, who acted promptly with a CT scan and sent me to UC Health, we would never have caught the cancer in time. Thank you Dr. Broman.

Thank you also to Mt. San Rafael Hospital staff in ER and for the wonderful care I received from the nurses.

Most of all, thank you for my wonderful husband, Luton, and my children Lynette, Lauri and Michael and their spouses, for all the love and support and for never giving up hope.

Hope, faith and love are the cure.

Carol Bourdo


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