Howard Lackey in front of his business Moose’s that hosted the Community Coffee Chats event weekly through the 2019 campaign season.

Over the past several Saturdays, Moose’s located at 308 Main Street held Community Coffee Chats with each of the candidates running for Trinidad City Council in an effort to allow the public to express their concerns and give candidates a chance to share what they bring to the table as a runner in this year’s elections. Howard and Nancy Lackey, owners of Moose’s said they were pleased with the turnout and conversations.

“It’s been a good crowd looking for answers,” said Howard Lackey, “A lot of the folks are brand new to politics so it was kind of a good way for attendees to talk to these newcomers and figure out what they’re thinking and where they see Trinidad going. This is casual so people can open up and ask questions and totally unscripted to give them a chance to see how the candidates think on their feet.”

The coffee chats were well attended and attendees stated they were pleased to have the opportunity to get to know more about the people behind the names on the ballots. The last day to turn in a voter ballot is Tuesday, November 5.

A brief recap of these informative Community Coffee Chats with the remaining candidates is as follows:

Erin Ogletree

Erin Ogletree is a retired attorney and sees a bright future for Trinidad. Ogletree and those in attendance talked about city infrastructure, incentives to bring in new business, weekly updates in the paper, recreation as an economic driver, homelessness issues, retirement planning, tourism and other economic development.

Aaron Williamson

Aaron Williamson, who works as facilities and procurement supervisor for Evergreen, said Trinidad boasts great resources that could be leveraged to make Trinidad a destination city. During his conversation at Moose’s, he spoke to several issues including parks, safety, the children of our city, homelessness, city infrastructure and transparency as well as stated he would like to make the city budget more accessible and easier to understand.

Terry Brown

Terry Brown expressed that he is excited for the opportunity to run and looks forward to the direction the town is headed. As he spoke to those in attendance, Brown touched on the issue of homelessness and transients as being a big problem and also mentioned the need to focus on infrastructure and leveraging our resources better.

Jay Gonzales

Jay Gonzales expressed during his chat with the community at Moose’s that he is a business owner here in Trinidad and wanted to get involved in city governance for the sake of the children of the community. Also among items discussed were the reduction of crime, being proactive as opposed to reactive and his desire to see classes and seminars to help parents with their children s they have a chance to succeed.

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