Pictured (L-R) are Anita Flores, Noreen Perri, Ashley Di Paola and John Tucker.

On Monday, Dec. 2, individuals from 10 different non-profit organizations met at Mt. San Rafael Hospital to receive donation checks for their involvement in Comcast Cares Day Community Clean-Up passed out by Trinidad Community Foundation (TCF) Executive Director Anita Flores and TCF President John Tucker.

The annual clean-up, that took place earlier this year on May 4 boasted a good turnout and everyone who participated had the opportunity to write down what local non-profit they were volunteering on behalf of. Following the event, those who wrote down organizations were counted up and a dollar amount corresponding to the number of volunteers for the given organization was determined and awarded by Comcast.

“This year, we were happy to see all the different organizations come out to help clean up around town,” said Flores. “The Culebra Range Community Coalition, IN Bank, Arts Council of Trinidad, Homeschoolers Around Raton and Trinidad (HART), Purgatoire Watershed Partnership, Earth Mountain, Boy Scouts Troop 269, Mt. Carmel, TSJC’s Volleyball and Softball teams, and Pierian and Native Roots all participated and received a donation from Comcast.”

“The event has been hosted by Trinidad Community Foundation and sponsored by Comcast for the last ten years,” said Flores. Each spring, over 100 community volunteers have gathered to help clean along the Purgatoire River and other places around town.”

Organizations that participated said they considered their time very well spent.

“Not only does this event get people out to help our community stay clean and local ecosystem healthy, but it also benefits participating organizations like Earth Mountain,” said Earth Mountain Founder and Executive Director Joni Steiner. “It’s important to keep our river and parks clean, not just for us but for the local environment and wildlife as well.”

The next Comcast Cares Day will be held again in the spring of 2020. For more information or to sign up your group of volunteers in advance, contact TCF at 719-846-5940 or

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