Trinidad Correctional Facility hosted their fourth annual Education and Information Fair on Tuesday, Sept. 10, where inmates had the opportunity to learn about programs, education and jobs that can help them be successful after release.

According to Trinidad Correctional, 29 resource groups represented by 51 individuals attended the event to meet with 363 offenders, 74 percent of the facility’s population, to offer information and guidance as inmates prepare for release.

The facility called the event a huge success due to the efforts of staff and the groups that attended.

Said Trinidad Correctional Facility Programs Captain Lance Gatlin, “As one of the men exited, he stopped, shook my hand firmly and with emotion in his voice said, ‘Captain, thank you for putting this together. Because of this event today, I met someone who I know without a doubt is going to help me change my life.’ That’s all I needed to hear, just from one person, to know that our efforts were worthwhile. I can say with certainty that there are many more stories to be told than just the one I shared with you.”

Gatlin believes firmly that events like the fair are essential to public safety as they help to provide offenders with the tools needed to be successful re-entering society. Many studies have shown that programs like those highlighted by the fair greatly reduce recidivism rates.

“We truly are working diligently every day to find ways to ‘Create a Safer Colorado for Today and Tomorrow’,” said Gatlin.   

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