On Monday, December 10 Trinidad Police Department Officer Travis Hanable was dispatched to the 1400 block of Van Buren Street for a report of a suspicious vehicle.

TPD incident report states after investigating a pickup backed into the trees, Officer Hanable saw a female later identified as Brittany Mercer sitting on the floor in the back of the vehicle slumped over the backseat, unresponsive.

Mercer was observably inebriated and falsely stated she was “Bree Jones” and after a dispatch check through NCIC/CCIC, no record was found.

After being transported to detox, Mercer was uncooperative with detox staff and called out obscenities toward staff, leading to one of them stating they would like to press charges against Mercer for harassment.

During transportation to the Las Animas County Jail, Officer Hanable stated in his report that Mercer began “repeatedly kicking the passenger side rear window of my fully marked police vehicle.”

After making a positive identification at the jail, dispatch explained she had four valid warrants, three of which were felonies. She was placed in jail for harassment, criminal impersonation, as well as four warrants.


On December 13, TPD Corporal Jason Villotti was dispatched to Walmart in Trinidad on a report of a male causing a disturbance and threatening employees after being asked to leave the store.

The male, later identified as Jacob Duran, reportedly had spent a curious amount of time inside the electronics department. Duran is said in the report “to have become verbally aggressive towards staff, threatening them while advising that he would return to the store, rob the store, and ‘take them out’ in the process.”

After leaving on foot just prior to Corporal Villotti’s arrival, other officers were able to contact Duran where he was detained by handcuffs for menacing and trespassing.

Officer Hanable was advised by Walmart management that the back pack Duran had in his possession as well as other items had been stolen from Walmart.

Duran was issued summons for menacing and trespassing as well as being advised he is no longer allowed at Walmart at management’s direction.

On December 18 at approximately 10:45 a.m., officers were dispatched to Big R in Trinidad for a report of shoplifting.

The suspect, as of yet unidentified, was apprehended and no further information was provided. Once more information is available, The Chronicle-News will provide a more complete report.

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