Mark Simon of Trinidad was arrested by city police and has been charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor counts after his alleged role in a vehicle break-in at 1615 Goodale Ave. on Monday, July 15. Police were dispatched to the area at approximately 2:50 p.m. that day after a report from the alleged victim that her vehicle, a 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LT, was being rummaged through by an unknown person.

While on their way to the scene, police were advised that the alleged perpetrator and victim had gotten into a fistfight at the intersection of Capitol Hill Avenue and South Gordon Street. Police detained Simon, who was placed under arrest and transported to the Las Animas County Jail, where he’s being held on single felony counts of First Degree Criminal Trespass, Assault in the Third Degree and Menacing, along with a Misdemeanor count of the Theft of under $50.

The vehicle’s owner told police she was asleep when she was awakened by her caretaker, who told her that someone was rummaging through the victim’s vehicle and had taken items from it. The owner then went outside to confront Simon, yelling at him “What are you doing in our car?” The owner and her husband then got into their vehicle and began following Simon, who walked north on Benedicta Avenue and then toward East Main Street.

When the vehicle owners located Simon near the Social Security Office, they asked him why he had broken into their vehicle. The owner claimed Simon then “flipped them off” and threw a bottle at their vehicle, which struck the right rear passenger side window, before running off, according to the police report of the incident. When next confronted by the victims’, Simon allegedly had a rock in his hand and told the victims, “I am going to throw this rock at you. I am going to hit you with it.” The male owner said Simon then took off his shirt and physically attacked the male owner, with both men attempting to give each other headlocks, and ending up still fighting on their knees, allegedly causing injuries to the male victim’s elbows and knees. Simons was then arrested by city police and transported to the County Jail, where he’s being held on a $5,000 cash or surety bond.

Simons had previously been arrested and charged with single felony counts of Second Degree Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct for his alleged role in a theft of beer from a cooler at the Park Café Bar, located at 608 Arizona Ave. at approximately 5:50 p.m. on Sunday, July 7. When located by police in the bar’s parking lot, Simon was allegedly bent over a black, 1997 Honda with Colorado license plates, but stepped back from the vehicle when he noticed police in the area.

Simons allegedly told police that he wanted a beer and walked to the bar’s cooler to get one, before being told by the bartender that he could only get beer by being served by the bartender. After a time he left the bar, but was observed by the bartender attempting to enter her vehicle located in the bar’s parking lot. The bartender then asked police to remove Simons from the bar. Police gave Simons a copy of a Notice of Trespass form and was advised not to return the bar.

Simons told police he was high and he was transported to Crossroads Detox Center. While there, Simons allegedly became belligerent toward the center’s staff members and police. After trying several times but failing to complete a urine test, Simons was arrested by police and transported to the County Jail, where he was cleared as an Adult Arrest.

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