Trinidad Police Department arrest report information obtained for the beginning of January:

Jan. 7

On January 7, Trinidad Police Sergeant Josh Bowen was on patrol on the 900 block of Nevada Avenue when he observed a silver car leave its parked position on Nevada and merge into the northbound lane of traffic without using a turn signal, which lead to Sergeant Bowen conducting a traffic stop.

After further investigation, it was discovered that the driver, Nicole Dimino, “was the protected party in a no contact restraining order… with the front seat passenger… Vincent Dimino,” said the report. Vincent was taken into custody for the restraining order violation and upon a search, officers found a prescription pill bottle identified as Oxycodone, a schedule 2 controlled substance. The backseat passenger, Martin Bonato, also consented to a search and officers found “a burned, twisted pen tube, with a brown, burned residue inside,” said the report. Officers stated this was common with heroin use.

Sgt. Bowen deployed a K9 who indicated to an odor of a controlled substance inside the vehicle. He then searched the vehicle and found “cut straws with one end burned, a small clear cylinder with a burned residue, and a white powdery residue inside,” the report said. He also found three and a half oxycodone pills.

Nicole Dimino and Vincent Dimino were taken into custody and transported to the Las Animas County Jail. Martin Bonato was released.

Jan. 5

On January 5, Trinidad Police were conducting routine vehicle patrol when officers observed a driver of a blue Chevrolet pickup truck “throw a lit cigarette out of his driver’s side window spreading glowing ember’s on the street,” the report stated. Officer Paul Tebedo then pulled over the individual for the observed littering violation.

Once stopped, Officer Tebedo said in his report the driver, identified as James Valerio-Angeli, had admitted to having a “few beers” and was asked if he was willing to partake in voluntary roadside maneuvers, to which Valerio-Angeli responded yes. Several clues alluded to the individual potentially driving under the influence of alcohol. After volunteering to take a breath test, Valerio-Angeli’s result was .105 BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration).

Valerio-Angeli was taken into custody and transported to the Crossroads Detox Facility where he was placed on a police hold. After meeting detox discharge criteria, he was transported back to the Las Animas County Detention Center with a summons for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, failing to present evidence of insurance, and littering from a motor vehicle.

Jan. 3

On January 3, Trinidad Police were dispatched to mile marker 16 north of Interstate 25 in Trinidad in response to a vehicle crash that had occurred when an individual crashed into a guardrail and went off the road into a ditch. The individual, later identified as Brandy Pfaffenhauser, was suspected to be driving under the influence of alcohol and was placed in custody, the report stated. She was then transported to Mt. San Rafael Hospital for blood alcohol testing.

At the hospital, Officer Brown noted Pfaffenhauser had trouble following instructions and was unsteady on her feet. The report also noted she had been “wrenching her wrists against hinged cuffs in what appeared to look like she was trying to break the hinge or leave marks on her wrist.”

Pfaffenhauser had been convicted of three prior DUI offenses related to alcohol. After meeting criteria for release from detox, she was transported to the Las Animas County Jail.

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