Dear Editor,

Temple Aaron extends its fullest support to Temple Emanuel in Pueblo. While we are grateful that law enforcement prevented any physical harm to the temple and its congregation, this incident, like so many others, is still painful and frightening. Together may we continue to stand for light and love even when darkness threatens. Please join Temple Emanuel [located at 1325 N. Grand Ave.] this Friday, Nov. 8 for Shabbat services if you are able.

The message below is from Mike Atlas-Acuna, President of the Board of Directors at Temple Emanuel:

“Thanks to all of you for your patience in waiting for this communication. As you all know, a potential bombing of Temple Emanuel was prevented by law enforcement.   Please know that we were not in danger. The FBI and Pueblo Police had the bombing suspect contained at all times, and were just collecting enough evidence to make an arrest. They did an amazing job, and we are truly grateful.

“This email is late in coming due to the media descending upon Temple and the Temple phone. Handling all the requests for information, returning calls and doing interviews are quite time consuming. Since this was a novel situation in our small community, we were not entirely certain how to proceed in a more efficient manner.

“Moving forward, we will be looking at increasing our security measures, beginning with installation of security cameras around the perimeters of both buildings.

“Pueblo has always been a tolerant community, and it still is. The potential bomber is not from here, but was a recent transplant. This incident does not reflect one bit on the climate of our city.

“Police have increased their patrol presence in the Temple neighborhood. This Friday, Rabbi Birdie will be here, along with the Chief of Police and/or his deputy. The message will be that we have their support. We will be in our historic sanctuary. Please encourage all members of the Pueblo Community to attend. Services begin at 6:30 p.m.”

We look forward to seeing you there.

In solidarity and love,

Temple Aaron of Trinidad

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