At the recent Trinidad City Council meeting on October 5, city staff presented Council with a preliminary budget for 2021. The overall preliminary, not finalized, budget’s total comes to $43,403,658, just a little over $4.5 million less than 2020, which came to $47,977,605. City Clerk Audra Garrett said the decrease was likely due to projects and grants.

In the proposed budget, the General Fund came to a total revenue of $14,177,815, down from this years projected revenues which came to $15,810,848. Budgeted expenditures for 2021’s proposed plan came to $14,108,604; a little more compared to 2020’s projected expenditures of $13,337,892.

For the City Council budget for 2021, wages for council totaled the same as 2020 at $49,800. Total expenditures for Council including wages, Medicare, training, dues and other expenses came to a total of $89,514.

As for the City Attorney wages budgeted for 2021, those also came in at the same amount as 2020 at $60,000 with total expenditures totaling $83,892.

Budgeted expenses for Municipal Court came to $85,403 for 2021, compared to $81,595 budgeted for 2020. Wages for the Municipal Court totaled $66,656.

City Administration wages for 2021 were budgeted at $366,534 compared to $350,532 in 2020. Total expenditures for the administration department came to $563,089.

Information Technology was budgeted at $494,676 for 2021 compared to $500,125 budgeted for this year [2020]. Finances were budgeted for $299,802.

Cannabis revenue continues to climb, making a big jump from $1,042,277 as the actual amount collected in 2019, to a projected collection of $2,800,000 in 2020. Predicting a slight reduction in revenue with a hopeful return to a semblance of normalcy, the budgeted revenue from cannabis in 2021 came in at $2,332,498.

For the Trinidad Police Department, total actual expenditures for 2019 were $2,216,805. In 2020, the budgeted expenditures were approved for 2,720,082. For 2021’s preliminary budget, those expenditures could increase slightly to $2,841,227. Dispatch would be an additional $485,364.

The Fire Department total expenditures for 2021’s preliminary budget came in at $1,664,937 — up only slightly from $1,601,107 for this year.

With economic development becoming more important to the city, the budget reflected this with an increase from $174,366 in 2020 to $248,729 in 2021. The increase in expenditures is mainly for more advertising, travel, and increases in health benefits.

Total expenditures for the Power and Light department came in at $8,640,311 for 2021, with revenue coming in slightly less at $8,454,000. Total revenue from the Water department showed an estimated $3,315,750 for 2021 with $4,654,351 budgeted for expenditures.

Capital Projects revenues, which help to pay for high visibility improvements within the city, showed a collection of $4,090,000 with $8,486,086 budgeted for expenditures in 2021.

The hearing for finalizing the budget has been set for the regular city council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 20. For more information or to see the full budget, call Trinidad City Hall at 719-846-9843.

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