There are many natural rock formations

There are many natural rock formations for outdoor enthusiasts to see along the new Wormhole Loop Trail north of the city. Grant funds have been received that will allow four to five miles of bicycle lane striping through the city to link area parks, the Wormhole addition and the river walk.

Happening during Trinidad City Council’s most recent work session, City Manager Mike Valentine and Project Manager Tom Beach gave a rundown of projects underway in the city. Beach explained the city keeps careful track of approved projects with the oldest project being the Boulevard additions.

“[Boulevard Park] is nearing completion,” said Beach. “We’re about 95 percent complete. The only thing we have left to actually do is paving to do. We’re waiting on the contractors and subcontractors for some paving and we have a contract modification order to alter the final waterway on the east end by the pedestrian bridge.”

Beach also mentioned the 2017 sewer slip line project, which ended up being a bigger project because of having to do some repairs where slip lines couldn’t be used. With those needed repairs done, he said they are getting back on track with that.

Valentine said that he had signed a notice of substantial completion on a similar project, the Santa Fe Trail waterline project.

“We filed a notice of final settlement,” said Valentine. “They are in the process of cleaning up. That was a big one that it’s good to see done and water traveling through the pipe.”

The next project Beach mentioned was the Noah’s Ark animal shelter, which Beach said was in the process of being bid.

“We’re going to take a look at bids on [August] 25, and it will come to council on [September] first,” said Beach. “Hopefully, we’ll get the interior work done on the Noah’s Ark building out by the power plant.”

While excitement for the new building has been growing in the community, Beach said he had hoped for more interest in submitting bids.

“There’s not as much interest as I thought there would be,” said Beach. “But… it’s in several different papers and maybe we’ll get something more there.”

Beach said the paving and striping project is well underway with striping currently happening around town. City Hall has seen some paving but the hired contractor stated they had overbooked themselves, Beach said.

“He’s completing a project now and he’ll be back here hopefully by next week,” said Beach, “to do quite a bit more parking lots and some paving up between Desperado and Monte Vista. One of the parking lots included is the Police Department parking lot that has been ugly for quite some time. It will be completely redone and should be a pretty nice deal, providing some ADA compliance there as well.”

A while back, the city received a multimodal Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) funding grant, Beach explained to council. One is for bike lanes striping throughout town and the other for upgrades to pedestrian signals for Main Street.

“We’re going to be doing about four to five miles of bicycle lanes on major roads here in town linking to parks, the Wormhole addition by the landfill, as well as the river walk in some of the parks downtown,” said Beach. “That’s entirely in CDOT’s hands at this point.”

As for pedestrian signals, Beach said they would be taking four intersections that currently have traffic lights on Main Street and upgrade them to the latest and most modern ADA compatible pedestrian signals with new heads and buttons.

“It’ll actually have the audible signals as well,” said Beach. “It will also help with directing people as to which way they are walking when they push the button with which street they’re on as well.”

As part of the settlement the city had with the Department of Justice, they are responsible for upgrading numerous places around the city to come into compliance with ADA in a timely manner. Being such a large project, Beach said they tried to break it into eight smaller phases with the first phase still including about 140 corners which has been a challenge.

“We’ll get some of that started and hopefully a contractor will start to get his feelers out and take off from there,” said Beach.

Additionally, the Nevada Avenue ADA improvements Beach said would be going out for bid shortly with the engineering being designed in house by their engineering staff.

As for other interesting projects, Main Street Group purchased numerous large outdoor instruments but Beach said it took some time to determine where to place them. The decided location would not interfere with sports once students can return to them, Beach later added.

“We’ve been working on trying to find a place to put them and we’ve come up with the Central Park area, right behind the baseball field in the center of the park,” said Beach. “Away from somebody’s home for one thing because we didn’t want to bother citizens at two o’clock in the morning with drums and Conga and all that.”

Along with the instruments at Central Park, nearby the city is in the design concepts stage of replacing the grandstands at the Central Park Field.

“Part of that process would be to contact the entities that are involved with that,” said Beach, “the Triggers, the college, the high school, and get everybody’s input into the design and redesign, and remanufacturing basically of the stadium.”

Also being installed is some artwork purchased by the Arts and Culture Commission.

“Currently we’re working with CDOT to obtain right-of-way access along route 12 because both of them are in route 12 and one is over across from the Tire Shop Liquor Store in the little triangle there,” Beach said. “The other is in the roundabout where the blue heart shaped artwork is now. That is also in CDOT’s hands at this point.”

Other items mentioned in regards to projects underway with the city included a furnace replacement at City Hall and moving forward with a contract for the landfill land purchase that was in the last go round of marijuana tax revenue allocations.

Projects finished thus far in 2020 include a public works backup generator and work on stabilizing the stage at the Fox Theatre among other minor projects.

Phase one of the sewer line replacement through Americana Road in the La Puerta development, running through where Walter’s Beer Garden is, had also recently been completed. With that, the Americana Road project, which would facilitate the building of the new Hilton hotel, was almost ready to be put out for bid.

Many of council expressed their gratitude for the update and the diligent work the city staff have been putting in to making the community better.

“I really do appreciate your efforts, and I feel very good about the way that the city is shaping up,” said Councilmember Erin Ogletree.

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