Trinidad City Council met for their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 22 and among other items, discussed an opportunity to put in a grant to help to stabilize the exterior of the Fox West Theatre on Main Street. According to City Manager Mike Valentine, the award from this grant should it be accepted would be $200,000.

“It ties together with the state historical funding grant with historic tax credits,” said Valentine, “and $65,000 match that we put up for that state historical grant. The total project would be $620,000 and this is for the exterior stabilization.”

Valentine said items to be fixed included tuck and coining of the bricks and fixing some things with the parapets on the roof. $65,000 had already been preapproved to use for the grant match.

With council passing the agenda item, the application for the grant would be submitted.

During miscellaneous agenda items, council read the first reading of a new ordinance adjusting the fees out at the city’s landfill. The hearing date for consideration was set for August 4 at 6 p.m. and the ordinance would allow the city to begin charging for brush and limbs from both private individuals and commercial haulers. They would also start charging for large pieces of furniture, upholstered furniture, couches or chairs, and box springs according to the city’s Project Manager Tom Beach.

Council also approved an agreement for the Fox West Theatre development and lease. City Attorney Les Downs said it was a lot of discussion back and forth but both sides had finally come to an agreement.

“This is the most recent rendition of this agreement and comes after many months of negotiating back and forth with city staff at council’s direction,” said Downs.

During Councilmember Griego’s report, she shared that her, along with Councilmember Ogletree, visited the Trinidad Police Department and met with Chief Gloriosso and Officer Haddow to discuss code enforcement and how they could work together to make the process more effective.

“It was a very helpful education for me,” said Ogletree.

Also during reports, City Attorney Downs mentioned he would have a draft ordinance on hospitality clubs for marijuana consumption by your next work session.

“It’s time, finally, to get that in front of you and have that for your consideration at a work session before having a proposed ordinance for consideration,” said Downs.

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