On June 7, TPD arrested Gina Rael for possession of a controlled substance as well as distribution or manufacturing of a controlled substance following a traffic stop for no functioning break lights.

Upon contact, officers found Rael to be driving and the owner of the vehicle, Andrew Martinez, who was riding as a passenger in the vehicle, did not have valid insurance. Also in the vehicle was Steven Valdez. According to the report, both Valdez and Martinez, “both are known illicit drug consumers.” During the interaction, the reporting officer noticed needles inside the vehicle.

The reporting officer requested a background check after which Martinez and Valdez came back clear. Nonetheless, a search of the car resulted in a piece of a cut soda can, which appeared to have a burned residue as well as an unknown black tar-like substance. They also found a spoon containing an unknown white powdery substance, a bag containing a needle still containing a liquid substance as well as a loaded .380 caliber handgun.

After finding “more and more items of evidence,” officers also believed items found together “at this point constitute supplies and equipment for the unlawful distribution, manufacture, dispensing or sale of illegal narcotics.”

According to the report, “the search of the vehicle was concluded a short time later and Martinez and Valdez were un-cuffed and allowed to leave the scene without charges at this time.”

Rael was taken into custody as the apparent owner of the gun and a bag that some, but not all, of the evidence was found in. Later, while at the jail, Rael said Martinez had collected the gun while at his grandmothers’ home. It should be noted that some of the evidence was found within the uninsured vehicle belonging to Martinez however he was released without charge.

On May 29, the Trinidad Police Department arrested Charles Sandoval for second-degree assault and resisting arrest after Sandoval was reported to be yelling and causing a disturbance and in possession of a Molotov cocktail. Officers arrived at the 300 block of Grove Street to find Sandoval wearing a “black military type of tactical vest and a helmet,” said the arrest report.

After insisting for Sandoval to show his hands, which were behind his back, officers said they observed him to be holding a bottle with fluid and a rag shoved in the end. Sandoval then attempted to light the end of the rag but was unsuccessful before an officer tackled him to the ground.

Following Sandoval attempting to fight and throwing the bottle containing a gas smelling fluid on the officer, rendering his uniform compromised, Sandoval was detained in handcuffs and taken into custody following medical clearance at Mount San Rafael Hospital. The report stated the incident cost the department over $4000 in lost equipment.

On June 13, TPD arrested Marcus Romero for illegal discharge of a firearm as well as possession of a defaced firearm after report of two male parties threatening others at the skate park they would shoot them if they did not get their belongings returned.

Shortly before the call, officers had responded to the area of the skate park for a possible shots fired call. Individuals at the park told officers it was kids shooting off fireworks that had already left the area. Later, parties at the park said they thought they were lighting fireworks but realized it was actually a gun being shot.

On June 2, TPD arrested Kaila Clayton for harassment after she reportedly hit her boyfriend on the left side of the jaw, however the report also stated that no visible injuries were present.

On June 5, TPD arrested Ramon Velarde for violation of a protection order after officers were dispatched for a disturbance on North Animas Street. Velarde was found to be arguing with another individual and was on the premise of a separate individual whom had an open restraining order against Velarde.

On June 10, TPD arrested Daryl Loftice for an active warrant after receiving a call from Bonham Police Department in Texas that he had registered his address on Alta Street in Trinidad.

On June 14, TPD arrested Justin Sisneros for active warrants after a report of a suspicious person on Smith Avenue who was seen attempting to light a fire in an empty lot. After a background check, dispatch confirmed that Sisneros had two warrants out of Las Animas County for failure to appear.

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